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"بنك "معاملات | Bank Muamalat Named Best Islamic Finance Bank in Indonesia by Alpha Southeast Asia

Bank Muamalat on 26th August 2014 was named the Best Islamic Finance Bank in Indonesia by Alpha Southeast Asia, a leading regional business publication. Presented during the 8th Annual Alpha Southeast Asia Award Luncheon, this marks the sixth consecutive year that the Islamic bank has received this prestigious distinction dating back to 2009. Accepting the award from Mr Siddiq Bazarwala as CEO of the monthly business publication was Bank Muamalat’s Finance and Operations Director, Mr Hendiarto.

Bank Muamalat’s standing on the international stage has been reinforced by an ongoing expansion strategy that has seen the financial institution enjoy substantial growth at its full service branch in Malaysia. Assets at the Bank Muamalat Kuala Lumpur branch rose by 94.61% over the course of the first semester of 2014, from 1.057 trillion IDR to 2.058 trillion IDR. This growth is very much indicative of a broader positive trend characterized by a 22.04% increase in the bank’s total assets to 58.488 trillion IDR as of June 2014, from 47.924 trillion IDR a year previously.