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As a world-class institution committed to research, BINUS UNIVERSITY has developed numerous research programmes and strives to facilitate research-related activities for its faculty members. BINUS UNIVERSITY therefore makes available grants, funding opportunities as well as all-encompassing research tools in order to support wide-ranging research initiatives. In doing so, the university has successfully proposed viable solutions for a large variety of sectors including food biotechnology, computer system, medicine, and bioinformatics among others. As such, BINUS UNIVERSITY is renowned as a highly-proficient partner by industry leaders; currently, the university has established research collaboration with Gudpoin and Yamaha. Moreover, BINUS International is a leading local partner for a number of esteemed institutions of higher education overseas illustrating the university’s extended efforts in spearheading research development. 

Joint Research

BINUS UNIVERSITY’s extensive international network of partners of higher education institutions as well as businesses enables its students to partake in a wide array of student mobility programmes, internships, and student exchange opportunities. Furthermore, through its 3+1 enrichment programme initiative, undergraduate students are offered a year of experience in community development, research engagements, and start-up incubators among others. Leading these key programmes are the BINUS Global Collaboration Center, BINUS Career, BINUS Entrepreneurship Center, the Research and Technology Transfer Office, and Teach For Indonesia.


BINUS UNIVERSITY is involved in a number of community outreach programmes, such as the Teach for Indonesia initiative, and openly welcomes new sponsors and partners. The university also encourages prospective partners to learn more about its Alumni Network, Online Courses and BINUS UNIVERSITY Learning Community (BULC) locations. In addition to this, BINUS UNIVERSITY is striving to recruit international students for its programmes in English, overseen by the International Office.