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UBAYA's commitment to research is highlighted by its many research centres. Research at UBAYA is focused on subjects that can impact Indonesia and the region, such as pharmaceutical drug development, green technology and the environment, community empowerment, urban development and business governance. For further information regarding research conducted at UBAYA, please contact the university directly via the button shown below or peruse summaries of its breakthrough studies in the News section.


UBAYA has an extensive network of national and international partners from higher education institutions, industry and the government. Among the university's most esteemed international partners are the University of Groningen, the University of Maastricht, Queensland University of Technology, Strasbourg University and Coventry University. Esteemed local partners include BPOM, BSN, Sampoerna, BPKN and Pertamina Patra Niaga. For further information regarding UBAYA's partnerships, please view its Partnership Maps, peruse its Interview or contact the university via the button below.   

Prof. Ir. Joniarto Parung, MMBAT, Ph.D

“ At present, our main priority is to strengthen our cooperation with both local and foreign universities. This is imperative because in this global era, we cannot rely solely on ourselves if we plan to grow further. ”

Prof. Ir. Joniarto Parung, MMBAT, Ph.D, Rector

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UBAYA is involved in a number of outreach programmes. Through its research centres – such as the Centre for Medicine Information and Pharmaceutical Care, the Centre for Environmental Studies, and Centre for Psychological Consultation and Services – the university has implemented many CSR activities such as offering psychological consultation services, community empowerment programmes and the consultation on the disposal of toxic waste and environmental awareness.