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BNI Syariah is open to partnerships with international Islamic banks and shariah financial institutions looking to enter Indonesia’s promising Islamic banking sector. With longstanding expertise in Shariah banking, BNI Syariah is renowned as a trusted partner for local and regional partners. As BNI Syariah strives to further develop its products and services, the bank is keen on cooperating with innovative companies boasting advanced know-how on Shariah banking.

Mr Abdullah Firman Wibowo

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Mr Abdullah Firman Wibowo, President Director

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Joint Ventures

BNI Syariah's in depth understanding of shariah compliance enables the bank to offer everyday banking services and solutions to its customers. Business services at BNI Syariah includes salary payroll that is operated by an in house system therefore providing companies with convenience and efficiency in distributing employee salary. Furthermore, BNI Syariah additionally makes available modern banking services demonstrating its position as a leading Shariah bank in Indonesia. 

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