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As an innovative manufacturer of sportswear, Panatrade Caraka is open to partnering with local and international firms for technology transfer hence illustrating its commitment towards product development. 

Mr Arif Prijadi Wirawan

“ Going forward, we are particularly interested in facilitating the entry of new brands that are in keeping with our mission to promote a healthy lifestyle in the country through sports. ”

Mr Arif Prijadi Wirawan, President Director

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Joint Ventures

Paratrade Caraka is a renowned national distributor for notable international brands such as MIZUNO with a strong distribution network. This therefore positions the company as the leading local partner for brands looking for swift and efficient market penetration in Indonesia. 


Panatrade Caraka's SPECS is a trusted sportswear brand in Indonesia having gained public trust for quality, durability, and innovative design. The superior quality of SPECS' product line has thus seen Panatrade Caraka successfully establish a regional market presence through export activities namely in Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.