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Polindo Utama welcomes collaborations for technology transfer initiatives in the form of plastic recycling processing technology so as to further streamline the company’s business operations. Polindo Utama currently utilises cutting-edge technology in the recycling process that can cater to many downstream markets through the recycling of food packaging of the highest international hygiene standards. The company also seeks technology transfer in the form of human resources development. The expansion of Polindo Utama’s business operations thus requires skilled technicians for the daily operations of its machinery as well as to achieve efficiency. Furthermore, through the development of Polindo Utama’s recycling centres, the company aims to share knowledge on the importance of recycling to the community. The company’s recycling centres are strategically located near local communities in order to provide convenience for those collecting plastic bottles. In creating greater awareness for plastic recycling, Polindo Utama aims to encourage communities to incorporate recycling into their waste management systems.

Technology Transfer

Polindo Utama is open to forming joint ventures with international partners to engage in plastic recycling initiatives. Polindo Utama produces recycled PET flakes for leading multinational food and beverages companies as well as for leading textiles and garment companies. The stringent quality controls implemented by Polindo Utama have resulted in the production of high-quality flakes that have been utilised in high-grade food packaging materials. Additionally the company’s medium grade flakes have been used as an important component for the production of polyester in textiles. Polindo Utama can, therefore, form partnerships with companies for the ready supply of raw materials to produce products such as bottles and textile yarn. This initiative can help potential partners develop a more integrated business operation in addition to continuous environmental improvements in the supply chain.

Mr Willy Suwanggono

“ In my opinion, any island outside of Java is an attractive market because it has a low competition rate and houses a large collection of good quality bottles. ”

Mr Willy Suwanggono, Director

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