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Danliris welcomes inquiries for joint venture opportunities with local as well as international companies with an expertise in garment and textiles manufacturing. Over the years, Danliris has become renowned for its high level of professionalism, reliability, and premium quality products amongst a range of well-known apparel brands. The company’s list of partnerships includes those such as Gymboree, Talbot, and Harbour. Furthermore, the company is backed by a team of adept professionals who are well-equipped with the latest developments of the fashion industry. Through these measures, Danliris has proven its capacity to become a reliable local partner for any clothing manufacturer interested in making an entry to the Indonesian market.

Mrs Michelle Tjokrosaputro

“ Danliris has expanded upon its production process in terms of both variation in making fabrics as well as the technology used. This pertains to the use of the latest machinery in addition to the output of higher-grade fibers. ”

Mrs Michelle Tjokrosaputro, President Director

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Joint Ventures

Danliris fully understands the importance of remaining up-to-date to the latest trends impacting the textile and garment manufacturing sector. As such, the company prioritises the importance of corporate developments through various measures ranging from factory expansion and the addition of cutting-edge machinery in order to expand upon its already extensive portfolio of manufacturing services. As Danliris looks towards the future, the company is open to working with local and overseas investors who share similar vision in becoming a front-runner in Indonesia’s lucrative textile and garment manufacturing.