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ENVIPLAST® welcomes partnerships with local and international companies for opportunities to produce their own plastic bags from bio-based pellets as well as become agents and distributors of the company’s bio-based products. The company is competent in the manufacture of items such as shopping bags, industrial wrapping, and garbage bags. Moreover, plastic bag manufacturers can continue using their existing production assets to produce ENVIPLAST®’s plastic bags and films whereas firms that do not have the necessary technology can obtain specialised machines from ENVIPLAST®; the company will also provide any additional technical training required.

Herman Moeliana

“ We are interested in finding partners with a good network in the market who can effectively brand and market the product as an excellent alternative to plastic bags. ”

Herman Moeliana, President Director

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ENVIPLAST® is open to technology transfer initiatives to further expand its international market presence. The company undertakes extensive research and development to provide new products and meet the evolving needs of its clients. In addition to the company relaying its expertise to potential partners about bio-based plastics, ENVIPLAST® is also open to corporations through licensing opportunities with companies that have access to the relevant raw materials and are looking to produce large quantities of bio-based products; the company has the capacity to assist partners looking to establish a manufacturing based within their respective countries.

Technology Transfer