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Indaco is open to joint venture opportunities with esteemed local and international companies looking to enter Indonesia’s lucrative paint industry. For over a decade, Indaco has been well-versed in understanding the domestic market in terms of consumer preferences and industry trends hence the company is well-prepared to serve as a reliable local partner. Moreover, with large-scale operations that have been recognised for its environmentally-friendly processes efficiency, Indaco demonstrates its keen ability that has bolstered its success in the market which the company is looking to further strengthen throughout the coming years.

Mr Iwan Adranacus

“ Indonesia has huge potential for the paint industry, particularly for decorative paints. It follows the same patterns as consumer goods. ”

Mr Iwan Adranacus, President Director

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Joint Ventures

As Indaco looks to attain a larger share of the Indonesian market for paint and coatings products, the company is interested in partnering with companies offering investment opportunities to support in its expansion plans. Most recently, Indaco partnered with an American private equity firm and through this measure, the company is looking to become a publicly-listed company in the near future. Renowned in Indonesia as a producer of safe paint and coatings products that are of international standards, Indaco is eager to introduce its products to a wider consumer base on a national as well as international level. By upholding the principle of innovation, Indaco, therefore, understands the importance of introducing new products to the market in order to remain competitive in the industry.

Capital Investments