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Kartika Inti Sejati welcomes partnerships with local and international companies for its manufacturing services of private label baked goods. The company has longstanding experience cooperating with local retailers in Indonesia such as Alfamart and Hypermart in addition to Indonesia's national airline carrier, Garuda Indonesia. Moreover, Kartika Inti Sejati seeks partners that can help further expand the Kartika Toast brand onto the international stage — the brand’s products are long shelf-life goods and are Halal-certified. Therefore, through Kartika Inti Sejati’s streamlined manufacturing capabilities as well as knowledge of the domestic market, international companies can succeed at a much faster rate within the industry.

Mr Andrew Purnomo

“ For companies from abroad that come to Indonesia, Kartika Sari is positioned as a company that has a deep familiarity of the local market and well-prepared with an automated production operation. ”

Mr Andrew Purnomo, President Director

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Kartika Inti Sejati is open to collaboration with local and international companies for technology transfer purposes in the fields of research and development, manufacturing, and marketing. Kartika Inti Sejati implements an automated production process so as to streamline the company’s business operations and through technology transfer, the company aims to gain knowledge in the latest manufacturing techniques from food science and technology trends to consumer behaviour. Furthermore, Kartika Inti Sejati seeks technology transfer initiatives such as extending product shelf-life without compromising on product quality as well as for the provision of human resource training. As an essential aspect of the company’s operations, a highly-adept workforce is important in order to maintain product innovation and operational sustainability in Indonesia's competitive baked goods industry.

Technology Transfer