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Nirwana Group is fully committed to technology transfer initiatives from local and international companies to further advance its manufacturing capabilities. The group’s vertically integrated business operations go hand-in-hand with the latest technological advancements in garment manufacturing, fabric dyeing, and fabric finishing. Furthermore, Nirwana Group seeks long-term collaborations with potential partners for human resource training – the group conducts monthly training to its entire 3,500 workforce. Through such initiatives, Nirwana Group can take advantage of productivity gains along its well-developed supply chain and, therefore, benefit potential partners seeking long-term gains in Indonesia’s textile and garment industry.

Technology Transfer

Nirwana Group welcomes partnerships with local and international companies for private textile manufacturing services. The group have longstanding experience in working with international brands and retailers in addition to local garment manufacturers. Nirwana Group also utilises a wide-range of high-quality fabrics such as polyester to viscose and cotton, as well as fabrics of different blends. Furthermore, the group is involved in the entire production process from knitting, weaving, dyeing and printing to finishing — this allows clients to have access to a complete across-the-board service for their specific needs and requirements.

Mr Alex Ferdian Santoso

“ Although Vietnam is our main competitor, the country will not be able to meet the global demands in textile manufacturing and, therefore, providing Indonesia with more opportunities. ”

Mr Alex Ferdian Santoso, President Director

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As a fully integrated group, Nirwana Group remains open to initiating joint ventures with local and international brands looking for a reliable and trusted manufacturer. The company has collaborated with renowned brands H&M and Puma – the latter of which Nirwana group is looking to develop functional fabrics for the brand’s sportswear line — demonstrating the group’s ability to meet the clients’ intended goals and vision from their product line. Moreover, the group applies the mercerisation process to its viscose fabrics — a process no other local manufacturer adheres to — in order to permanently impart a greater affinity for dyes and chemical finished; this is done using Nirwana Group’s state-of-the-art machinery and production facilities.

Joint Ventures