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In striving to continuous provide the element of added value to its client portfolio, Shinta Group remains open to partnering with companies for joint venture opportunities. Through this initiative, the company aims to develop upon its already extensive experience and knowledge in polyester in order to push for increased presence in markets such as North America, Turkey, and Japan. Shinta Group has established a notoriety that has become synonymous to superior product quality, competitive pricing, timely delivery, and professional services. As such, the company is well-positioned to serve as a local partner offering in-depth understanding of the country’s textile manufacturing industry as well as a streamlined, vertically-integrated company to partners interested in entering this lucrative market in Indonesia.

Ms Stacey Hermijanto

“ The growth in demand for polyester fiber and yarn, particularly in Asia, will continue to be robust due to population growth, increasing affluence and the current low consumption per capita compared to developed markets like North America and Europe. ”

Ms Stacey Hermijanto, President Commissioner

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Joint Ventures

Shinta Group’s expertise in specialty polyester and textile products serves as an important aspect to the company’s drive to forge ties with local and international partners for investment purposes. This corporate plan is of particular importance given Shinta Group’s aim of entering export markets such as the Middle East, North America, Japan, and Africa therefore requiring capital assistance so as to maintain the company’s cutting-edge machinery to ensure high-quality product standards are met. In carrying out consistent measures of upgrading its machinery and technology, Shinta Group is seeking to offer innovative products that caters to the changing demands of its consumers. As such, Shinta Group regularly welcomes future partnerships in the area of investment from renowned companies as a means of bolstering its growth performance.