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Elhijab’s experience on the global Islamic fashion industry has garnered immense appeal from local as well as international brands with a specialisation in muslimwear. As such, the company remains open to partnership opportunities with prospective partners to complement the Elhijab product variety in addition to extending its network of distributors. With a large market presence in Indonesia and further supported by its highly-regarded product quality, Elhijab serves as the ideal local partner for companies seeking to take advantage of the lucrative industry. Moreover, Elhijab’s sister brand, Elfood is involved in Indonesia’s budding food and beverages industry thus similarly looks to expand upon its offered products while also striving to develop its production processes. Understanding the importance of partnership, Elhijab ensures long-term sustainability for its distributors as well as partners by implementing a distinct business model that prioritises the value of mutual benefits.


As a highly-regarded local fashion brand in Muslim-inspired apparel, Elhijab has garnered a strong consumer following in Indonesia. As such, local consumers have long-relied on Elhijab in providing a wide selection of fashionable hijabs and headscarves as well as sophisticated apparel through its subsidiary brands – DAUKY, Elzatta, Hassana, Zatta Men, and Aira Festive Hijab. In ensuring a widespread product distribution of its in-house brands, Elhijab has created a distribution channel that seeks to assist its partners in the development of a store layout, interior construction, product supply in addition to sales and operation systems support. This stringent quality control therefore enables Elhijab to develop an expertise on consistent delivery of versatile, trendy muslimwear which has propelled the company to establish a growing international presence. Moving forward, Elhijab aims to further bolster its market reach through export ventures therefore catering to the vibrant global Islamic fashion industry.

Ms Elidawati Alioemar

“ The vision and mission we would like to share with our partners are built upon the Muslim segment as a massive market to tap into, while another important aspect is the values we seek to promote. ”

Ms Elidawati Alioemar, President Director

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