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Pahala Express welcomes collaborations with local as well as international partners for technology transfer purposes that can further streamline its business operations. The use of modern technology and web-based software system in its operations can serve to simplify the supply chain process and reduces shipping errors. Pahala Express is therefore adapting to emerging supply chain applications to stay ahead of the competition as can be seen from the company’s use of GPS real-time tracking system throughout its operations which provides clients with the trusted service for which Pahala Express is renowned for. Furthermore, through such collaborations the company also seeks expertise in the training of its human resources in order to create a highly-skilled workforce thus advancing the company’s expansion strategies. Pahala Express' use of GPS technology aims to improve customer satisfaction and client retention as well as enhancing the efficiency of the company’s supply chain management. The utilisation of modern technology in the logistics sector will be vital to boosting Indonesia logistics companies abilities to ship, track and compile important data in order to provide comprehensive services.

Technology Transfer

Pahala Express is open to forming joint ventures with international partners in order to expand its current market share and improve its operational efficiency. Pahala Express’ comprehensive knowledge of the domestic market coupled with the company’s extensive local network will provide international partners with a solid foundation for success in Indonesia’s lucrative logistics sector. As testament to the company’s longstanding experience in collaborating with major multinational companies, Pahala Express’ portfolio of esteemed local and international clients include companies such as Unilever, Walt Disney Pictures, UNICEF, Coca-Cola Amatil, Pertamina and Bank BRI among others. This is illustrative of Pahala Express' understanding of integrating geography, technology and effective management that have reduced clients’ operating costs and improved operational effectiveness, resulting in greater customer loyalty amidst Indonesia’s competitive logistics market.

Mr Bambang Tedjokusumo

“ Our invaluable insights into the countrys logistics industry will provide foreign partners the solid foundation for success in Indonesia. ”

Mr Bambang Tedjokusumo, President Director

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