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Boasting a large selection of locally-manufactured products such as batik, traditional handicrafts, artwork as well as specialty coffee, Sarinah serves as the ideal business partner for companies looking to diversify their product line. Years of industry experience has enabled Sarinah to become strategically positioned for business opportunities in product distribution given that the company has a well-established supply-and-demand system coupled with an extensive distribution network. Sarinah has recently added Carica food items onto its product portfolio thus the company is looking for a dependable distributor as a partner with a far-reaching industry network. As the company strives to tap into new markets on a local and international level for the distribution of its products, Sarinah is committed to working with the right industry partner that can widen the company’s distribution network through the utilisation of a highly-efficient supply chain system.


Sarinah’s overarching goal has been to promote the spread of Indonesian goods in international markets. In addition to premium quality furniture, Sarinah is an experienced exporter of agricultural commodities.

Mr G. N. Putu Sugiarta Yasa

“ Our widespread local network of partners obliges us to assist our SME partners by equipping them with knowledge on financing, product packaging and design, product marketing, business operations as well as information on export activities. ”

Mr G. N. Putu Sugiarta Yasa, President Director

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As a versatile state-owned enterprise, Sarinah is heavily involved in product exports and imports in order to cater to its role of serving the demand of the domestic as well as overseas markets. In this regard, Sarinah regularly imports specialty rice, saccharine and cloves hence demonstrating its upper-hand in making available wide-ranging commodities. Furthermore, Sarinah has a competitive edge in the imports of premium quality wines from key regions such as Europe, South America, and North America, therefore, fulfilling the needs of Indonesia’s middle to upper market segment in search of high-quality alcoholic beverages. Over the years, Sarinah has garnered a loyal customer base which has resulted in bolstering the sales of its imported products. As such, prospective partners offering sought-after products available for imports are encouraged to contact Sarinah particularly as the company moves ahead in increasing the sales performance of its product imports in keeping with continued demands from Indonesian consumers.