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Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara
Sewu Segar Nusantara


Mr Martin Widjaja is the Managing Director at Sewu Segar Nusantara having first been appointed to the position in 2000. He therefore has over a decade of experience in the fruit marketing and distribution industry and has directly overseen the growth of the Sunpride® brand in Indonesia. Mr Widjaja obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa, USA and previously held senior level managerial positions in Sales at PT. Procter & Gamble and PT. Argo Pantes.

Working with Local Farmers

Sewu Segar Nusantara works in partnership with local farmers and fruit producers to assist in the implementation of the latest cultivation methods and techniques thus guaranteeing the maximum return on their produce. SSN’s own internal standards for the production and selection of fruit have been developed in collaboration with local producers to provide clear and comprehensive guidelines. Such guidelines focus on testing the sweetness through the BRIX level of the fruit for taste uniformity as well as criteria on the appearance of the fruit for roundness, symmetry and absence of any marks and bruises.

SSN understands the importance of local farmers in supporting the company’s supply chain for fresh fruit varieties that stay apace with rising domestic demand. In order to make fresh fruits available to a complete spectrum of consumers, SSN has introduced a grade A, B, and C classification system ensuring a market for fruits which fail to meet the aesthetic specifications of the Sunpride® brand hence also safeguarding maximum returns for its network of farmers.

The company’s fruit producers are also educated on SSN’s stringent procedures for product packaging and storage in addition to knowledge on fruit cultivation as a means of encouraging greater output of Indonesia’s local tropical fruits varieties. Premises are therefore required to meet strict regulations for cleanliness and hygiene for the upkeep of the highest international health and safety standards.

Sewu Segar Nusantara

Human Resources

Sewu Segar Nusantara

Sewu Segar Nusantara is dedicated to not only producing the best fruits, but also to educating consumers and providing the necessary tools to be able to select and distinguish fruit for freshness and quality. To achieve this goal, the company makes available a highly trained team of employees dedicated to providing consumers with information about the wide range of fresh produce at local retail stores. Aided by the marketing team’s informative guides on how to judge the ripeness of a given fruit based on colour, hardness and size, SSN’s in-store human resources are on-hand to help customers prior to the latter purchasing their fruit, thus ensuring that patrons are always satisfied with their purchased product.

Beyond helping the company’s already well-known brands further differentiate themselves, such campaigns to place employees at retail outlets have made a significant contribution to improving customer awareness, experience and in building sustained brand loyalty. As such, SSN has built a reputable name as a trusted local partner given the company’s unparalleled degree of market penetration for companies interested in distributing fresh fruits to the Indonesian market.

Awards & Achievements

  • 2013

    Sewu Segar Nusantara launched its initiative to develop markets for general trade located in factories and public areas. These markets provide fruits and vegetables at competitive prices, sold in bulk as well as in small packs. Through this initiative, SSN is able to sell produce directly to consumers and substantially widens its customer base.


    In honour of the company’s success in becoming a key regional player in the fruit industry and promoting Indonesian products on an international scale, Sewu Segar Nusantara was recognised as a leading local brand at the 2013 Indonesia Brand Forum.


    Sewu Segar Nusantara received accreditation from Sucofindo, Indonesia’s leading state-owned product inspection, monitoring and testing agency, guaranteeing the quality of its marquee Sunpride® fruits, including Navel Oranges, Golden Honey Pomelos, Fuji Apples, Golden Pears and Singo Pears.