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Sewu Segar Nusantara | Sunpride to Further Market Presence in East Java

PT Sewu Segar Nusantara, a leading producer and distributor of fresh, high quality fruits, through its Sunpride® brand is targeting East Java as a market with momentous potential. Acknowledging East Java’s already significant 9-10% contribution to the company’s nationwide sales, key executives have identified the province’s vibrant fruit market and the quality of local fruits as fundamental elements for Sunpride’s future success.

This new strategy was described by the company during a media briefing on Thursday, 12th March 2015, in Surabaya. Representatives of the brand including Mr. Hendra Hendrawan (Sales Director), Ms. Luthfiany Azwawie (Marketing Manager) and Mr. Suprayitno Kwee (Branch Manager of Sunpride® Surabaya) hosted the session that was attended by a number of prominent local media outlets such as Jawa Pos, Berita Jatim and Suara Surabaya.

At the event, Mr. Suprayitno Kwee specifically referred to the 10-15% annual increase of local fruit sales in the Surabaya area as grounds for optimism, given that East Java’s most populous city reflects the region as a whole. With a population of over 37.4 million, the East Java market still holds immense prospects for growth in fresh fruit demand. As a point of comparison, Sunpride® has already enjoyed considerable success in Jakarta, which has a population of around 10 million but accounts for 70% of the company’s sales.

On a national level, Sunpride® plans to complement its national expansion by developing plantations across Indonesia. The company also intends to engage with traditional market businesses which have been key to the company’s ongoing success. With an already well-established network in 40 cities encompassing thousands of retailers and its implementation of stringent quality control and production standards, Sunpride® is positioned to build upon its market-leading presence throughout the country.

PT Sewu Segar Nusantara is also keen on facilitating further international partnerships through this expansion strategy. The company’s move into East Java widens the scope of opportunities for international fruit brands looking to tap into the Indonesian market in its entirety.

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