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Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara
Sewu Segar Nusantara | Sewu Segar Nusantara Sponsors Mandiri Jakarta Marathon 2015

Indonesia’s leading fresh fruit distributor, Sewu Segar Nusantara (SSN), served as the official fruit sponsor of the highly anticipated Mandiri Jakarta Marathon 2015, making available its wide-ranging fruit portfolio for 15,000 local and international runners. Participants of the 5K, 10K, half marathon, and full marathon categories which began at the National Monument (“Monas”) on 25th October 2015 are representative of the immense potential for running competitions in the Indonesian market today.

Sewu Segar Nusantara’s success in sponsoring the Mandiri Jakarta Marathon for two years in a row is demonstrative of a company focused on carrying out its brand philosophy of “living fun and healthy.” Through the Mandiri Jakarta Marathon 2015 event, SSN’s Managing Director Mr Martin Widjaja as well as the company’s Marketing and Communications Manager Ms Luthfiany Azwawie hope to also increase awareness on the importance of fresh fruit consumption. As such, SSN’s sponsorship of the international-standard competition included the availability of its core fruit products in five fruit stations at the event. Showcasing its reputable name in creative marketing strategies, SSN initiated a marketing campaign with photo competitions, fruit eating contests in addition to utilising the company’s strong social media base. Actively taking upon the role of official fruit sponsor showcases SSN’s industry-leading position as well as the company’s ability to continue building upon its ‘Fruitaholic’ community.

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