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Sewu Segar Nusantara | Sewu Segar Nusantara Set to Launch Experience Sunpride® Apples Campaign

Sewu Segar Nusantara (SSN), through the Sunpride® brand is set to launch its latest marketing campaign indicative of the company’s readiness to diversify its product portfolio and strengthen SSN’s standing as a leading fresh fruit supplier. Having established a successful market presence for Sunpride®’s Cavendish bananas, fresh HONI pineapples, and the Crystal Guava, SSN is well-prepared to elevate the market positioning of its imported apples through Experience Sunpride® Apples – an innovative new marketing campaign. With a rising middle class and growing preference for premium fruits, Indonesia has increasingly emerged as an ideal destination for international apple brands. To cater to this growing trend, SSN makes available its extensive network of distributors and retailers to oversee the seamless entry of imported apple products.

The Experience Sunpride® Apples campaign will include a wide range of consumer engagement activities in addition to providing educational resources related to the seven varieties of imported apples made available by SSN. Data from the Ministry of Trade indicates that 147,000 tonnes of apples were imported to Indonesia in 2013 – a figure that stands to rise as demand continues to grow. As a means of meeting this demand, SSN offers an extensive array of apple varieties including Ambrosia, Granny Smith, Pacific Rose, Royal Gala, Pink Lady, Queen, and Fuji.

Furthermore, the Experience Sunpride® Apples campaign was created to appeal to Indonesia’s increasingly health-conscious society and therefore includes a selection of marketing materials that feature engaging product images coupled with insights on the health benefits of SSN’s apples. Staying true to its corporate slogan of ‘living fun and healthy’, SSN’s Experience Sunpride® Apples campaign illustrates the company’s in-depth understanding of the Indonesian market as well as its ability to successfully raise brand awareness for its portfolio of fresh fruits.

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