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Sewu Segar Nusantara | Sewu Segar Nusantara Sponsors ‘Indonesia is Me’ Event

From 6th – 21st August 2016, Sewu Segar Nusantara (SSN) sponsored the ‘Indonesia is Me’ event in partnership with leading local developer, Synthesis Development in Jakarta. The event was carried out to celebrate Indonesia’s 71st Independence Day; activities made available during the event included a cycling competition in addition to a food festival. SSN through its market-leading brand, Sunpride®, supplied fresh bananas to the competitors of the cycling race which took place on 21st August 2016.

Among the number of well-known sports communities which participated in the event included Triathlon Buddies, Woman Cycling Club INA, ID Selap, and Cyclo Academy. As part of the 71-kilometre cycling race, participants had the opportunity to pass through various areas of Jakarta such as Cipinang, Cijantung, and Kemang among other locations. SSN – as the primary fresh fruits sponsor – provided 2,000 Sunpride® Cavendish bananas at selected checkpoints within the race course to approximately 500 athletes. This measure illustrates SSN’s unparalleled support towards Indonesia’s fast-growing sports communities through the provision of fresh fruits as well as increasing public knowledge in regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As an esteemed company renowned for its premium quality fresh fruits – particularly through the Sunpride® brand – SSN continues to move forward in widening its market reach by undertaking initiatives that are in-line with its motto of ‘living fun and healthy.’ SSN’s most recent sponsorship towards the ‘Indonesia is Me’ event thus showcases a high level of readiness to continue its contribution to a wide-range of sports communities throughout Indonesia.

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