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Sewu Segar Nusantara | Sewu Segar Nusantara Hosts Plantation Tour

On 25th August 2016, leading fresh fruit distributor Sewu Segar Nusantara (SSN), invited members of the media as well as the company’s ‘Fruitaholic’ community to a tour of its 3,600 hectares plantation in the Bandar Lampung province. The aim of the tour was to showcase the company’s stringent quality control processes and its efforts to improve product assurance and processing, from selection of the parent plant to packaging.

As part of the programme, visitors were shown vast areas of the plantation where SSN cultivates its trademark Sunpride® Cavendish Bananas, HONI Pineapples, Crystal Guavas as well as Calina Papayas. The tour was also attended by SSN’s Marketing and Communication Manager Ms Luthfiany Azwawie, who provided an in-depth explanation of the company’s use of plant tissue culture techniques as part of its cultivation methods. Through the utilisation of plant tissue culture, SSN is able to produce seedlings with the same properties as its parent plant and therefore inheriting the same high-quality traits. Furthermore, participants were also given the opportunity to partake in the harvesting and packaging of Sunpride® fruit products.

By demonstrating its modern and advanced processing capabilities, SSN hopes to encourage the progress of Indonesia’s horticulture industry. Through this latest community engagement initiative, SSN also highlighted the importance of fresh fruit consumption as well as Indonesia’s horticultural potential as a contributor to economic growth.

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