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Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara Sewu Segar Nusantara
Sewu Segar Nusantara | Locally Sourced Tropical Fruit

Sewu Segar Nusantara produces its own group products including Cavendish Bananas, Crystal Guavas and Honi Pineapples in partnership with its sister companies, namely The Great Giant Pineapple Company and Nusantara Tropical Fruit. Like Sewu Segar Nusantara, these companies operate under Gunung Sewu Kencana Group; a leading player in Indonesia’s agriculture sector. Both have unrivalled expertise in the cultivation of the best tropical fruit varieties in their field which are supplied to SSN for marketing and distribution creating a seamless supply chain.

Aligned with the needs of the Indonesian consumer market, Sewu Segar Nusantara has renewed its strategy to focus on distinctive fruit categories that offer high volume, high value as well as all year-round availability to customers. Under the Sunpride® and Sunfresh® brands, SSN showcases the best of Indonesian tropical fruit through its selected range of bananas, pineapples and guavas among others. This strategy has facilitated the wider availability of fresh tropical fruit in keeping with the central goal of encouraging greater nationwide fruit consumption. Intensive research and development carried out by NTF’s adept team has seen the progress of market leading brands including Cavendish Bananas, Honi Pineapples and Crystal Guava appreciated for their superior quality and taste among Indonesian consumers.

The group’s plantations are situated in the key fruit growing region of Lampung on the southern tip of Sumatra, renowned for its advantages in tropical agriculture. The plantation owned and managed by the Great Giant Pineapple Company is located in Terbanggi, Lampung Tengah and covers 35,000 hectares. The Nusantara Tropical Farm plantation strategically placed in Way Jepara, Lampung covers a total of 3,500 hectares and has the capacity to produce 4.8 million boxes of export quality bananas, guavas and pineapples on an annual basis. The company generates large bulk production thanks to Indonesia’s rich and fertile climate suitable for growing an abundance of fruit types in numerous ranges.

In keeping with its reputable brand name for high-quality fruits, SSN adheres to strict hygiene standards as well as quality control in terms of product selection, storage and transportation through its close ties with seasoned professionals in the horticulture industry. This commitment and expertise in tropical fruit cultivation, marketing and distribution serves as the foundation for the company’s ongoing nationwide expansion strategy set to take place over the next five years.