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Tarumanagara University


Prof. Ir. Roesdiman Soegiarso

Prof. Ir. Roesdiman Soegiarso is the current Rector of Tarumanagara University, and has a wealth of experience in the education sector as a notable academic in the field of engineering. In addition to overseeing the continued development of Tarumanagara University, Prof. Soegiarso is actively involved in the publication of research and has previously published a textbook on the topic of High Performance Computing in Structural Engineering.

University Heritage

Tarumanagara University was founded in 1959 by a group of notable academics and public figures (known collectively as Sin Ming Hui) with the goal of providing quality higher education in economics. Operating within a sector dominated by state owned universities, UNTAR during its formative years as one of the first private institutions embarked upon a steady expansion of its course offerings to include undergraduate degree programs in traditional academic fields such as law. The university also moved into more technical subjects such as architecture that were rarely offered by state run institutions of the era, let alone by private schools. As such Tarumanagara University quickly established itself as a pioneer – a reputation cemented following the subsequent move to the university’s iconic campus in West Jakarta and the later introduction of faculties in psychology, engineering, information technology and art.

Today, the university remains driven to honour its heritage as an initiator of progress in Indonesia’s higher education sector. In addition to widening its course portfolio to include PhD and masters degree programs, UNTAR has stood at the forefront of the move to modernize the university experience in Indonesia through the use of online platforms for its academic journals and the adaptation of courses to reflect the relatively newfound availability of unlimited educational resources via the internet.

Tarumanagara University

Research Focused

Tarumanagara University

Tarumanagara publishes research journals for each of its different faculties and makes available its latest studies to the public online via a comprehensive E-Journal portal. Such openness to research is supported by more than 50 laboratories dedicated to specific fields of study and has facilitated the university’s ability to collaborate with leading national centres for research such as the Indonesian Educational Psychology Association (APPI) and the Indonesian Industrial & Organizational Psychology Association (APIO) to publish accredited academic journals. The university currently publishes Phronesis, a journal featuring the latest research in organizational psychology, and Provitae, a peer reviewed journal covering topics within psychology as it pertains to education.

The university’s ongoing development of a new campus in Karawaci is expected to further this strength in research through the construction of cutting edge facilities tailored to academic endeavours in engineering, medicine and psychology. Faculty members also benefit from the provision of grants for those in full time positions, as mandated and made transparent by well-defined internal regulations. This allows for intensive research carried out by faculty members during fully covered study leave/research sabbaticals, and ensures that the university attracts and retains top talent by affording employees with long term financial stability. Through these initiatives Tarumanagara University stands to affirm its position at the frontier for breakthroughs and innovation across subjects ranging from robotics to social psychology.

Recent publications from UNTAR faculty members include a study on the optimisation of raw material distribution in the food and beverage industry, as well as an overview of the feasibility of business opportunities in organic fertilizers.

Awards & Achievements

  • 2014

    Tarumanagara University students win Best Design in the 2014 Indonesia Robot Contest, hosted by the Directorate General of Higher Education. 


    Tarumanagara University recognised as a leading institution of higher education by local education organisation Kopertis Wilayah III, having placed in the top three in the category of Student Achievements among all private Jakarta-based universities.  

  • 2013

    Tarumanagara University’s Design and Visual Communications program recognized as one of the best in Indonesia by Mix Marketing Communications Magazine during its 'Best School of Communications 2013 Awards'.

  • 2012

    Tarumanagara University named Best University 2012 in the Private University Category by Mix Marketing Communications Magazine.

  • 2010

    UNTAR receives a certificate of appreciation from the Directorate General of Higher Education in recognition of its successful implementation of an internal quality assurance system.