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Andalas University


Prof. Dr. Werry Darta Taifur, SE, MA currently serves as Rector of Andalas University and was first appointed to this position in 2011. Having received his undergraduate degree from the Padang-based university’s Faculty of Economics, Mr Taifur continued his studies at Flinders University in Australia, where he obtained a masters degree, before later completing his PhD studies in 2005 at Universitas Malaya in Malaysia.

University Heritage

Andalas University was officially established on 13th September 1956 in Padang as a merger of five state-owned higher-learning institutions specializing in different disciplines. The five preceding bodies focused on agriculture, law, medicine, mathematics and natural sciences, and teacher education respectively before a decision was made to merge them into one single institution. The Indonesian central government effectively launched the university in an inauguration ceremony presided by Drs. Muhammad Hatta, the first Vice President and one of the country’s founding fathers.

Upon its establishment, Andalas University immediately came into prominence as the first Indonesian university to be established outside of the island of Java. The university’s unique status and emergence as a popular destination for high school graduates from surrounding regions led to rapid growth. New faculties and courses were established to cater to an increasingly complex scientific landscape, while education standards were subjected to continuous improvements in keeping with the primary mission of enhancing the minds of the Indonesian people in the broadest sense, as cited in its founding charter.

Andalas University at present time reflects an intellectual tradition deeply rooted in the Minangkabau heritage, a region that has produced reputable thinkers in the caliber of Buya Hamka and H. Agus Salim.

Andalas University

Research Driven

Andalas University

Andalas University as one of the oldest universities in Indonesia holds a proven track record in terms of dedication to research and innovation. In addition to in-house projects carried out without external involvements or funding, the university has also weaved a vast-expanding network of leading international institutions with whom cutting-edge research are conducted. Within academia, Andalas University’s list of past and ongoing joint research projects includes engagements with the Institute of Social Studies from the Netherlands, Brighton University from the UK and Chulalongkorn University from Thailand, to name a few.

Andalas University has also taken a special interest in a broad range of social and environmental issues. The university’s joint research with Thailand’s Asian Institute of Technology, for example, takes a look at Integrated Natural Resource Management, while Humanity and Development is the chosen topic for collaboration with Deakin University from Australia. Other recent topics include Livelihood, Gender and Sustainable Development.

Rounding up the long list of collaborations are research projects conducted with various international institutions. As an institution keen on establishing synergies at both the national and international level, Andalas University has also engaged with, among others, the likes of UNICEF, UNESCO, WWF, World Bank, JICA, ODA and IFS.

Awards & Certifications

  • 2015

    Andalas University named one of the Top 5 Indonesian Universities by Green Metric World University Ranking, compiled by Universitas Indonesia.

  • 2014

    Andalas University received ‘A’ institution accreditation from the National Accreditation Board - Higher Education (BAN-PT), Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture.


    Andalas University received Unqualified Opinion in financial audit by State Audit Agency (BPK).


    Andalas University received an award as Best Business Incubator in UNS SMEs SUMMIT & Awards 2014, held by Sebelas Maret University.

  • 2012

    Andalas University received an award from Indonesia’s Ministry of Forestry for participating in a tree-planting initiative.