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STEKPI / Trilogi University | Trilogi University Celebrates First Anniversary

On 27th March 2014, Trilogi University celebrated its first anniversary, or ‘Dies Natalis’, at the school’s campus in Kalibata, Jakarta. The event marked the passing of one year since the university undertook its official transformation from STEKPI School of Business & Management into Trilogi University, in what was a move to consolidate a change in direction and curriculum to focus on community involvement as well as technology driven entrepreneurship. Attended by students, alumni, faculty, and esteemed members of the Indonesian business community; the celebration of Trilogi’s first anniversary also provided guests with the opportunity to reflect upon the university’s development thus far and better understand its plans going forward.

In a speech delivered during the ‘Dies Natalis’ ceremony, Prof. Dr. Asep Saefuddin, M.Sc, Rector of Trilogi University, reiterated the importance of the three pillars upon which the university was founded – Technopreneurship, Collaboration, and Independence. It is through instilling these core values in students that Trilogi University plans to further Indonesia’s education system and create graduates ready to contribute towards addressing national issues such as self-sufficiency in food and energy.

Prof. Saefuddin also touched upon his belief that Trilogi University’s status as a new player in the education sector will not act as a barrier to its success, but rather as a source of momentum for accelerated growth and an incentive to develop quickly. Moreover, Prof Saeffudin explained that the presence of well-established educational institutions in Indonesia should be thought of as “an opportunity to collaborate with other universities as well as secondary, elementary and early education schools” as opposed to being perceived as direct competition. This approach is in keeping with Trilogy University’s commitment to the public interest, as it prioritises above all else the advancement of education in Indonesia.

To emphasise Trilogi University’s progress thus far in establishing itself as an institution ready to tackle shortcomings in the national tertiary education sector, the event served as a discussion of the university’s recent success in publishing research and scholarly articles. The university has over the last three months seen dozens of articles submitted by faculty members to national and international journals and media outlets published in print and online. The initiative to encourage participation in calls for papers has not been limited to the university’s lecturers and researchers. Trilogi University students have also enjoyed considerable success submitting their written work, with several recently winning national writing competitions. As elucidated upon by Prof Saefuddin, the strides the university has already made in this field of academics can be thought of as the seeds from which an environment conducive to scientific and scholarly pursuits can grow.

In closing the ceremony, which in addition to speeches included live musical performances, an overview of key events leading up to the one year anniversary was presented. These events included a national seminar on the role of the government in the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the Blue Economy, a workshop on balanced scorecards held in collaboration with Microsoft, and a roundtable discussion on food policy and national energy, among others.