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STEKPI / Trilogi University | Trilogi University Featured in Local Media for Collaboration with Local Provinces

On 3rd April 2014, Trilogi University’s Rector Dr Ir. Asep Saefuddin on behalf of the university participated in a socialisation event organised by the local government of Riau, Sumatra. This event provided leading Indonesian universities with the opportunity to discuss the importance of higher education with civil servants and policy makers positioned to bring about tangible positive change in the province. As detailed by local media outlets such as Jawa Pos, Trilogi University commended Riau for its commitment to synergising local government initiatives with educational institutions to create skilled human resources ready to contribute to the province’s continued development. Earlier in the year, this dedication to fostering an education-friendly environment was formally recognised by the university through the presentation of a 2014 Trilogi Award to Riau’s local government.

During his speech at the socialisation event, Dr Saefuddin touched upon Trilogi University’s decision to prioritise working with local governments across Indonesia as well its programs to create technopreneurs ready to work in a host of different industries. As part of its drive to ensure that the country will be able to tap into high quality human resources at all levels, Trilogi University has also been active in cooperating with organisations such as the Vocational Education Development Centre for Agriculture (VEDCA) in Cianjur, West Java – a point emphasised by Dr Saefuddin as a potential framework for collaboration to be emulated with the local government of Riau.    

Due to its successful track record of creating ready to work graduates, Trilogi University was the only private educational institution invited to present at the event, which also featured input from 11 of the region’s largest public universities including Universitas Indonesia, ITB and Universitas Gadjah Mada. To further this key strength and consolidate its reputation as an increasingly integral player in Indonesia’s tertiary education sector, Trilogi University, as explained by Dr Saefuddin, also partners with the Ministry of Labour and Transmigration to identify areas most in need of human capital.