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Prasetiya Mulya Business School

Prasetiya Mulya Business School was founded in 1980 by a group of prominent businessmen and then established in 1982 with assistance from prestigious international institutions as the first to offer the MBA program in Indonesia. Today it remains the leading private business school in the country, upholding the original aims of the founders to offer the highest standards in business and management education for graduates, undergraduates and executives.

Being founded by members of the country’s business community has ensured an effective balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application within the curriculum. To cater to the corporate sector, the school offers both degree and non degree programs as well as research and training for individuals, local companies and major multinationals. Prasetiya Mulya is now benchmarking itself among the leading business schools by undergoing the accreditation process for AACSB certification.

Responding to the new realities of the global economic landscape following the financial crisis and the continuing economic rise of the Asia-Pacific region, Prasetiya Mulya has embarked on strategic shift in its focus at all levels of teaching and research to specialise in Asian Business Studies. Entering this new phase in the evolution of the school, Prasetiya Mulya will continue to forge links with similarly focused institutions in the ASEAN and Asia Pacific region to become an internationally renowned centre of excellence and point of reference in the field.

Prasetiya Mulya Business School
Prasetiya Mulya Business School

Key Information

Date of Establishment: 1982

Type: Private Business Institution

Number of Students: 1,800 Undergraduates, 500 Graduates, 4,500 Executive Training Program Participants (annually)

Number of Faculty Members: 70 Full time, 56 Part time, 60 Visiting Lecturers (CEOs, alumni etc.)

Number of Alumni: 4,000 (2012)

National Accreditation Agency Score: Grade A

Joint Research


At the end of 2012, Prasetiya Mulya signed an MOU with two of Asia’s leading business schools; the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), College of Business and HSBC Business School, Peking University. Prasetiya Mulya also signed an agreement with the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia to open the opportunity for exchange programs. These MOUs are aimed at long term cooperation covering student and faculty exchange as well as study abroad programs.

Prasetiya Mulya is keen to provide its students at all levels with greater exposure to the international business climate through further partnerships. The main area of focus will be the Asia Pacific region and specifically the ASEAN region.

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Joint Research

To serve the corporate sector and the government, PMBS offers customised research services covering Finance, Marketing, Production/Operations and Human Resources. Specific research centres have been established such as the Centre for Finance and Investment Research, the Centre for Studies of Family-based Enterprises, the Centre for Consumunity Studies, the Centre for Asian Supply Chain Competitiveness, the Centre for Innovation Opportunities and Development and the Centre for Infrastructure Development among others.

The school has also undertaken the International Business Fellowships Executive Program for Indonesia to establish international connections with academic institutions abroad for student and faculty exchange as well as training and research within the field of Asian business studies.

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