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Bahana Dana Infrastruktur

Recently named the Best Thematic Fund by Bloomberg and the Mutual Funds Association of Indonesia, Bahana Dana Infrastruktur presents investors with the opportunity to become involved in the much needed development of infrastructure in Indonesia. As a balanced fund that prioritises investment in sectors that play an integral role in Indonesia’s ongoing development of infrastructure, Dana Infrastruktur employs a flexible asset allocation strategy conducive to success in a volatile market environment. The fund invests between 50-90% of its assets in equities, between 10-40% in debt securities and the remaining 0-15% in money-market instruments.

With government focus now firmly set on addressing infrastructural inefficiencies that according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index rank among Indonesia’s most pressing challenges; Bahana Dana Infrastruktur is positioned to flourish. Less subject to negative investor sentiment attributed to the prospect of QE tapering, a fluctuating Indonesian rupiah and a rise in interest rates; the mutual fund has in recent years enjoyed substantial growth, with YTD as of 8th July 2014 standing at an impressive 14.92% with scope to rise beyond 18% over the course of 2014.