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Founded in 1994 as a joint venture between Bahana Pembinaan Usaha Indonesia and the US based Trust Company of the West (TCW Group); Bahana TCW Investment Management is an experienced investment management and advisory firm offering a wealth of choices to mutual funds and investors for their investment strategies.

Having established itself as a trusted partner for both institutional and individual clients; to date the company commands total assets under management (AUM) nearing 30 trillion IDR. As of April 2015, the company placed fourth among all fund managers in Indonesia based upon mutual fund AUM (IDR only, excluding discretionary funds) of 17.5 trillion IDR.

Spurring growth in AUM is the regular introduction of new mutual funds, of which Bahana TCW already manages more than 30, to provide clients with more diverse investment opportunities tailored to match their profile and risk appetite.

Bahana TCW’s longstanding reputation among investors is closely linked to its pioneering initiatives to establish Indonesia’s first mutual fund and private equity fund, thereby providing an emerging market with diversity in investment opportunities. In making available innovative new funds, the company adheres to the core Bahana principle of prudence in carrying out investment decisions supported by strong market analysis skills and a commitment to gathering on the ground information.

In addition to an in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis that spans a comprehensive look into a company’s management background, business strategy and corporate performance, Bahana TCW takes advantage of an expansive network and reputation as an influential financial institution to foster close cooperation with key decision makers in local companies. This facilitates direct access to the latest information on their plans going forward, and is in keeping with the company’s emphasis on long term investments motivated by macro-economic fundamentals as opposed to short lived market fluctuations.