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Bosowa Asuransi


Mr Siegfried Cornelius Salawati received his professional certification from the Chartered Insurance Institute, London, UK and began his career at Stewart Wrightson Reinsurance Brokers, London. Mr Salawati has served in a variety of positions in the insurance industry at MAI PARK Insurance, Insurance Central Asia and Prima Perkasa International Insurance. Mr Salawati joined Bosowa Periskop Insurance in 2007 as Managing Director and was appointed as President Director in 2010.

East Indonesia’s Potential

Bosowa Group originally hails from Makassar, Sulawesi in East Indonesia and while the group and its subsidiaries have a nationwide presence, the group maintains a strong affiliation with its roots in the East of the country. The group continues to play a key role in the development of the East of Indonesia through infrastructure development projects such as toll roads and power plants as well as signature property developments and financial services.

East Indonesia which encompasses the regions of Sulawesi, Papua and East Nusa Tenggara is undergoing a period of rapid growth and transformation. The region has shown economic growth of 8-10% annually; above the Indonesian national average of 6.5% thereby illustrating the specific potential that the region has to offer given its natural resources in oil, gas and mining commodities. This potential is now being recognised through the country’s MP3EI plan which identifies the region as one of the key six economic corridors for Indonesia’s development as well as other investment initiatives being undertaken by the Indonesian government.

Bosowa Group and Bosowa Asuransi enjoy a unique position and market presence in the East of Indonesia and are targeting the region for future growth in insurance and financial services. Bosowa Asuransi is well placed in the market to take full advantage of the imminent demand from corporations and individuals in areas such as property insurance coverage, automobile insurance and marine cargo insurance among others, to play a crucial role in the region’s further growth and development.

Bosowa Asuransi

Preparing for the Future

Bosowa Asuransi

As Bosowa Asuransi enters a new phase in its development, the company is preparing itself on all fronts to be a top five player in Indonesia’s middle range insurance sector. To achieve this, the company is executing fundamental changes with regards to its internal management system, IT infrastructure and human resources training as well as branding and distribution channels.

Having recently bolstered its capital base, the company is aiming to increase its corporate portfolio and undertake larger scale projects from Bosowa Group’s subsidiaries as well as external clients in the engineering and construction sectors. In order to serve clients to the highest possible standards, all of Bosowa Asuransi's human resources, at every level of the company, are undergoing intensive training and development. A new corporate culture and renewed standards of professionalism in all aspects of the business are also being implemented as part of the fundamental transformation of the company.

In the lead up to the ASEAN One Market in 2015, Bosowa Asuransi is preparing and positioning itself to effectively compete with its regional counterparts. Technology and IT infrastructure will play a crucial role in this as the company explores new distribution channels and streamlines the customer experience with real time claims procedures and communication.

Awards & Milestones

  • 2005

    Golden Trophy Award from Infobank Magazine

  • 2001 to 2005

    Excellence in Financial Performance from Infobank Magazine