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Bank J Trust Indonesia


Ms Dwina Septiani Wijaya

Mr Ahmad Fajar is the current President Director of Bank J Trust Indonesia, having been appointed to the position on 30th December 2014. With more than 24 years of experience in the banking sector, Mr Fajar began his career at Bank Bumi Daya before moving to Bank Mandiri to serve as Vice President and Head of the Debt & Capital Market Department. He first joined Mutiara Bank in 2008 as Treasury Director.

Mr Fajar obtained a bachelors degree in Economics from the Bogor Agricultural Institute, before later receiving a masters degree from Padjadjaran University in 2000.


A core focus on customer service excellence is an integral part of the bank’s renewed vision and corporate culture. On restructuring the daily operations of the bank, the management looked to the staff themselves in order to create an internally generated set of principles to take the bank forward and regain trust among its customers. These corporate values are summed up in the acronym ‘SPIRIT’:

Service excellence in terms of efficiency, accuracy and speed to achieve customer as well as stake holder satisfaction.

Professionalism by taking full responsibility for ones actions and performance as to how they are perceived by those within the bank and those outside of it.

Integrity in the unwavering application of strong moral values and respect for the law in the carrying out of all functions.

Relationship maintenance with clients and stake holders to ensure effective communication and response.

Innovative outlook on every aspect on the bank’s services and operations to facilitate the implementation of new ideas and keep the company moving forward.

Trust between individuals through the upholding of honesty, reliability and team work in all their actions.

Bank J Trust Indonesia

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bank J Trust Indonesia

Mutiara Bank regards its interaction with the local communities that its activities impact on as vital to the future sustainability of the bank itself and society. The bank’s CSR program is constructed around five key pillars and objectives namely building human capital to create reliable human resources who contribute to society; strengthening the economy through effectively channelling its profits back into the communities of the country; addressing social tension to maintain harmony within the surrounding communities; encouraging good governance in every aspect of the business and ensuring the protection of the environment.

The bank’s CSR activities are divided into the three areas of community development, arts and culture in addition to education. Within the community development program the bank undertakes blood donation events for its staff, providing funds for orphaned children as well as donating food during the period of Ramadan to disadvantaged families. In the field of arts & culture; in 2012 the bank commemorated youth pledge day which takes place in October by sponsoring a music event and plans to undertake more activities to promote arts in Indonesia. Within the sphere of education, Mutiara Bank has made significant contributions towards funding leadership programs within state universities as well as providing scholarships for the offspring of lower level staff that show outstanding achievement in their work.

Through these various activities, Mutiara Bank strives to play a key role in Indonesia’s future through actively contributing to the education, welfare and development of the next generation.


  • 2012

    Mutiara Bank receives an award from the Indonesia Institute for Good Corporate Governance as a ‘trusted’ company.

    Bank J Trust Indonesia

    Mutiara Bank Ranked 39th in Indonesia by Infobank for Banks with Capital of 100 Billion RP to 1 Trillion RP for 2011.

    Bank J Trust Indonesia
  • 2009

    Mutiara Bank is rated as ‘Good’ by Infobank magazine illustrating the bank’s improved reputation.

    Bank J Trust Indonesia