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Bank J Trust Indonesia | J Trust Bank Officially Commences Operations in Indonesia

On 1st October 2015, J Trust Bank celebrated the successful launch of its operations in Indonesia during an event held at the Raffles Hotel in Jakarta. The occasion marks a fresh era for the bank following on from a rebranding strategy being carried out under the new ownership of J Trust Co Ltd Japan, which acquired the company in late 2014. As was described over the course of the inauguration ceremony, J Trust Bank will move forward with plans to build upon its presence in Indonesia under a new concept as well as a new set of targets put in place by its parent company.

At the launch, President Commissioner of J Trust Bank, Mr Nobiru Adachi, and President Director Mr Ahmad Fajar each gave a speech as part of the presentation of the new face of the bank. An audience of over 600 special guests - encompassing various stakeholders, staff members, valued clients, as well as members of the broader finance and business community - was presented with the declaration of J Trust Bank’s new vision and corporate values, as well as with the introduction of a new logo and various products that will be made available to consumers.

Within this event, insights into the formulation of J Trust Bank’s new plan of action were provided, elaborating upon the bank’s target of turning an operating profit by 2015 after having recorded three consecutive years of net losses. For the medium term, the bank is seeking to triple its assets to more than 25 trillion IDR by 2018. To accomplish this goal, a new corporate slogan of “Speed, Change, Action” was also introduced at the event to reflect the company’s commitment to expedite every aspect of its banking services. Among the services soon to be made available to its customers are online banking services for corporate clients in addition to personal and mobile banking services for customers.

This new phase for J Trust Bank follows on from a comprehensive restructuring carried out by J Trust Co Ltd after purchasing a 98.99% stake for a total value of 4.4 trillion IDR ($350 million USD) in November 2014. Since the takeover, the Japanese financial conglomerate has injected a further 1 trillion IDR into the bank’s capital. Meanwhile, an extraordinary shareholders meeting on 29th September 2015 also approved a private placement scheme in order to raise 400 billion IDR ($27.28 million USD) in additional capital.

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