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Bank J Trust Indonesia | Savings & Deposits

Continuous research into the local market to bring responsive and value added products to customers is central to the Mutiara Bank philosophy. The bank offers a full range of current account options, savings and varied length deposit products while constantly innovating on the features that they offer both individual and non-individual clients.

In order to provide clients with greater access to their deposit and savings accounts, the bank has forged a strategic partnership with the Prima ATM network which enables customers to use banking services at over 34,000 ATMs nationwide. Through further cooperation with BCA, Mutiara Bank clients will also be able to use their ATM cards as debit cards to further enhance the level of access and range of services available to them. This is part of the bank’s overarching strategy to increase low cost fund and fee based income as well as increasing deposit transactions.

The bank has also concentrated on the long term benefits of its saving products to facilitate customers’ financial planning goals. The Mutiara Saving Plan helps customers meet saving targets over a fixed time period using comprehensive financial planning tools while Mutiara TAR Savings provides total freedom for cash withdrawals. The Mutiara Forex Deposit offers various currency denominations including EUR, JPY, USD and AUD for individual and corporate clients. In addition, it offers an automatic rollover service with term options of 1, 3, 5 and 12 months. Within its savings range, the bank strives to offer return on investment, flexibility as well as value added services by including personal accident or accidental death insurance as part of its products.

For business customers, Mutiara Giro lets account holders save while still having the ability to carry out daily transactions and the Mutiara Forex Deposit gives a choice of currencies for alternative investments.