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GH Holdings (Hardy’s) | Mr Ir. Gede Agus Hardiawan
Mr Ir. Gede Agus Hardiawan

Our company is extremely interested in the opportunities that the international business community can deliver to Bali and the rest of Indonesia

Mr Ir. Gede Agus Hardiawan, Founder & President Director

GH Holdings, more commonly referred to as Hardy’s, has had considerable success in several different industries and is well known for its ventures in and around Bali. What can you tell us about your company’s background and its strategies going forward?

Our group has nine core areas of business; retail, commercial property, residential real estate, hotels, agro, recreation, transportation, advertising and investment. We were founded in 1997 initially focused just on retail, and opened our first store in Bali during the same year. Having spent the first three years consolidating our management system, we opened a second store in 2000 and now have 34 retail outlets primarily located in Bali and East Java. Our group manages five types of retail outlets: supermarkets, craft stores, department stores, gourmet grocers and hardware stores. Going forward, we plan on opening a further seven to ten stores every year to cement our status as the leading retailer in Bali.

Building off our success in retail, we ventured into other industries beginning with commercial property in 2003. Our property division currently owns and manages 15 malls; many of which have notable anchor tenants such as Carrefour, Giant and Ramayana. Our malls and retail outlets both cater to the low end segment, as there is a high concentration of this consumer type in second cities, which is where we tend to locate our businesses. We then brought our expertise in property into residential real estate and now have an 81 ha land bank strategically located in key areas of Bali such as Nusa Dua and Kuta. Within this industry, our group is currently prioritising the development of 3000 green villas. Finally, our holding company plans on undertaking an IPO in 2016, listing on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX).

As you previously mentioned, Hardy’s Holding has an extremely diverse portfolio of business ventures. Based upon your experience within a host of different industries, which would you say has the most potential in Indonesia?

70% of our holding company’s revenue comes from retail. With that said, since 2008 we have been active in acquiring landed property with the understanding that residential real estate has good prospects for the future, particularly in Bali. As of earlier this year (2013), we began developing some of these properties in anticipation of the residential market realising its potential over the next three years.

What is your current outlook for the retail sector in Bali?

Based upon data released by Nielsen Indonesia, GH Holdings has the largest retail market share in Bali, which currently stands at 21%. As is the case with our holding company, the general outlook for retail in Bali is promising; the current retail sector growth rate in Bali is 14%, which is significantly higher than the 9% growth taking place in Indonesia as a whole. This accelerated growth can be attributed to the island’s booming tourism industry, which drives consumer purchasing power upwards.

Are you open to working as a local partner with foreign investors entering the Indonesian market?

We are open to the prospect of working with strategic partners, and have been in contact with several foreign companies that we are interested in cooperating with in the lead up to our IPO. Because the negative investment list currently places a limit on the involvement of foreign entities in the real estate sector, international retail businesses coming into Bali often take minority stakes (49%) in joint ventures with local companies. We are interested in this type of arrangement because we would like to obtain new technology and know-how to complement the group’s existing strengths in local market presence and its network of retail outlets.

Our ultimate goal is to advance our standing as the number one company in multiple different industries in Bali, and at the same time make a contribution to the island’s continued development. It is very important that we find investors who understand that this is our principal motivation and who share a similar vision for the future.

What would you like our readers to remember about GH Holdings and Indonesia as a final message?

Our company is extremely interested in the opportunities that the international business community can deliver to Bali and the rest of Indonesia. We would like to take this opportunity to reach out to GBG’s audience of investors around the world and encourage them to make use of the connections available to them via this platform.

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