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PT Dan Liris | Dan Liris Rewards Employees with Umrah Trip

As a company that places emphasis on the wellbeing of its employees, Dan Liris sent 10 of its best-performing employees from each business unit on an umrah trip for 14 days. This annual initiative by the company is aimed at encouraging good work ethic amongst employees throughout and thus make a positive contribution towards the company’s development.

Dan Liris implements core values such as honesty, humbleness, loyalty and empathy as the guiding principles by which the company and its employees adhere to. This has resulted in a collaborative and close-knit corporate culture which harbours a work environment that continuously aims to achieve optimal productivity. In addition to the umrah trip, Dan Liris has also established a training centre which actively encourages its employees to gain new skills in textile and garment production in addition to a medical centre. Such commitment to its employees is a key component to the company’s future expansion plans and its ability to provide clients with the highest standards of personalised service.

PT Dan Liris