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Enduro | Mr Antonius Artono

Mr Antonius Artono established PT. Bangun Anugerah Hanjaya in 1998 and then subsequently began the Enduro brand in 2002 with his business partner. Mr Artono began the company with the vision of producing locally made, high quality office furniture with a strong focus on customer satisfaction through responsive after sales support.

Enduro has always differentiated itself from other office furniture providers by our commitment to green manufacturing practices.

Mr Antonius Artono, President Director

Global Business Guide’s audience was previously introduced to Enduro as a leading modular office furniture brand in Indonesia having been established in 2002. What have been the main developments that have taken place over the past year?

Enduro was actually established in 2002 as we had a company which was founded previously in 1998. Over the past ten years we have developed our factories, facilities and our showrooms. Before 1998, office furniture in Indonesia was mainly being imported from China, Europe and the USA so there were only a few local companies producing it. After the crisis we saw there was a big opportunity as many of the importers collapsed. Over the past ten years we have established our position in Indonesia’s office furniture sector and serve projects across the country.

The main developments that have taken place over the course of the last year has been the focus on our new office building in BSD which includes the new Enduro office furniture showroom in addition to the construction of a boarding house for our employees. The building has now been completed and is in operation as of 2015.

Currently we are developing our new range of products that focus on desking systems and offer a variety of new features in the desks themselves to provide an improved working environment. For example they include connections to the electrical wiring system for internet etc.

What is your outlook for the future of Indonesia’s office furniture and manufacturing sector over the medium term with the introduction of the ASEAN Economic Community?

The ASEAN One Market is not a challenge for us as we have our own local production facilities with our own R&D so we can compete effectively both in Indonesia and in the region. Also, aftersales service and support is crucial in office furniture and in Indonesia we have a competitive advantage in this.

The outlook for 2015 is very positive as President Joko Widodo is actively promoting Indonesian products for export. It is crucial that the political situation remains stable in Indonesia so that the property sector can continue to grow which will result in more investment and the construction of office buildings which require office furniture.

As you mentioned, competition has increased in Indonesia’s office furniture sector; within this context how does the company compete effectively and differentiate itself?

Enduro has always differentiated itself from other office furniture providers by our commitment to green manufacturing practices. All production waste is recycled for example. We have applied for the Green Mark accreditation from Singapore and expect to obtain this certification shortly.

We also work closely with our client to understand their needs such as their corporate colours and desired work environment. This is then translated into the design to closely reflect their corporate identity in the final product. Our designs always take into account client feedback to make sure that our customers are always satisfied.

In terms of aftersales, every year we send our engineers to the client to provide maintenance on our products which is why our brand has established such a good name in the market.

How does Enduro keep up with trends in the Indonesian furniture sector and what can you tell us about trends that you forecast for the future?

Indonesian tastes for office furniture remain focused on minimalist design, bright colours and the inclusion of modern features. At Enduro we remain focused on our own research and development for developing modular office furniture that answers the needs of the modern workspace.

Office furniture and office organisation plays a key role in productivity in the work place. Our office furniture products are designed with the maximum use of space in mind as well as mobility and storage to keep the workspace organised. The organisation of wires given the increase use of electrical gadgets is also a major design consideration and will be a key component of office furniture design for the future.

Where do you see the most potential for the office furniture market in Indonesia going forward?

The most potential for office furniture in terms of volume of demand remains in Jakarta, followed by Surabaya, Medan and Makassar as well as Balikpapan. For our customised products there is also potential in these areas. Oil & gas companies as well as banks are where we are seeing growth in demand for office furniture and we expect this to continue for the future given the ongoing development and continued investment in these sectors.

The company is already present outside of Indonesia through your Singapore showroom; what further plans do you have for regional expansion?

Enduro has an office furniture showroom in Singapore, however this market has also seen a slowdown and there is intensive competition. Singapore serves as a stepping stone or hub for entering other markets in the ASEAN region such as the Philippines given the growth of the IT outsourcing industry there.

How is the company positioned towards working with international partners and investors?

Enduro is open to working with investors and cooperating with partners for furniture manufacturing as well as research and development. We are open in all areas related to office furniture in order to expand the business further such as capital investment but also technology in order to achieve our vision.

What would be your final message to prospective partners and clients that you would like them to remember about Enduro?

Our vision remains that we wish to be the leading modular office furniture manufacturer in South East Asia. We welcome investors from all over the world who are interested in Indonesia’s rapidly developing market.