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Mr Antonius Artono established PT. Bangun Anugerah Hanjaya in 1998 and then subsequently began the Enduro brand in 2002 with his business partner. Mr Artono began the company with the vision of producing locally made, high quality office furniture with a strong focus on customer satisfaction through responsive after sales support.

Green Practices

Enduro is committed to sustainable practices in every aspect of the design, manufacturing and delivery process of its office furniture. Reducing waste to a minimum is central to this commitment; to achieve this wood waste produced during manufacturing is recycled for use as base materials for partition panels and eventually used for making wood pallets. Aluminium is another widely used material in production that is subject to recycling to reuse in another production run.

Deforestation is a key issue facing Indonesia and Enduro ensures that all its industrial wood supplies are from reputable suppliers from authorized forests and never from protected forest areas. Wood and other components are primarily sourced locally to create truly Indonesian made product with a minimal carbon foot print caused by the need for imported materials or components.

Packaging is a further area where Enduro takes great care and attention to ensuring zero waste and environmental impact. The modular and knockdown system used throughout the product range reduces the need for excessive packaging materials as well as creating greater manpower efficiency, faster transportation time and lead time. This in turn reduces the transportation space needed for each product to maximise the use of space for effective planning of nationwide deliveries.


Cutting Edge Design


The Enduro design team focuses on emulating the Enduro design philosophy of blending art and technology in every piece of office furniture. The company’s in-house designers also regularly attend international exhibitions to stay abreast of the latest trends in Europe taking Italy as a key benchmark for the industry. Indonesia and the ASEAN region’s own individual tastes as well as the local availability of raw materials are also taken into account when designing a new product for the market. Enduro understands that certain styles must be adapted to suit the needs of the local market in which its products are distributed and pays close attention to striking the right balance between cutting edge design and everyday practical function.

From the conceptualisation, design and material sourcing up until manufacturing, each process is tightly knit to ensure the smooth delivery of the final product. The Enduro design team utilises the latest technology, software and design tools on the market such as CAD/CAM software. The integrated system enables swift communication and coordination across all machining processes and production lines resulting in faster production times while always guaranteeing the high quality of the product.

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Awards & Milestones

  • 2013

    Enduro successfully registers trademark for its furniture brand in Singapore, following on from the attainment of a certificate from the Registrar of Trademarks on 28th October 2013. 


    ISO 9001:2008 Certification for the Manufacture and Procurement of Knockdown Office System Furniture.

  • 2012

    OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification for Manufacture and Procurement of Knockdown Office System Furniture.