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As an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, Enduro’s in house designers use the latest design software and technology as well as being supported by a state of the art manufacturing facility to offer individually customised office furniture and furnishings. The design team at Enduro not only stays ahead of the latest trends but innovates to set its own trends with fresh and modern designs and creative use of materials. Seamless coordination between the in house design team and the manufacturing arm based in Jakarta mean a fast turnaround on customised projects in addition to always being competitively priced.

Enduro has far reaching experience in creating custom office furniture for many of Indonesia’s leading local companies as well as multinational corporations. This is testament to the company’s proven ability to understand how every business is different in terms of everyday activities, corporate culture and aesthetic taste which must be reflected in the office furnishings and organisation. All of these elements are incorporated into the final product by the design team, from the overall design to the fixtures and finish.

The Enduro reception desk uses a geometric futuristic design to make a lasting first impression on all visitors. Using the highest quality materials and a vibrant, contrasting colour scheme; the reception desk encapsulates a modern and welcoming office environment. In addition to the visual impact of the piece, it has been carefully designed as an efficient workspace with practical shelving and storage space.

The filing desk within the custom made office furniture range perfectly marries eye catching design with function. The smaller worktop surface makes it ideal for smaller areas or offices while the inbuilt sliding filing cabinet makes maximum use of the available space.

The X-65 room partition can be produced to fit all dimensions and heights of an office space. As well as being fully customisable in terms of colour palette, it also offers the option for double glazing for further enhancement of privacy in a given space as well as vertical and horizontal blinds.

Further products in the range include a functional PC stand designed to accommodate a personal computer, hard drive, printer and mouse in one fully integrated and compact space. The accompanying stool makes this a key addition to any technology savvy and modern work environment or retail space. For storage and furnishing, Enduro has a range of rack filing and puff products that easily blend into the corner of any office providing storage and shelving capacity for heavy files. A flexible wall unit is another piece in the customised office furniture range to offer useful storage solutions for files and documentation as well as attractive display options for awards and corporate trinkets. The dimensions, colour scheme and materials can all be personalised to match the existing decor of the office and reflect the individual corporate identity of the company.