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The Enduro office chair range offers a variety of distinctive and individual styles to choose from each embodied in the brands Ardento, Alba, Dallas, Jordan, Sienna and Vianza. Each brand range provides a selection of sizes to suit different spaces and purposes such as for staff, guests, visitors and executives as well as a choice of fabrics and finishes to seamlessly blend with any decor scheme. Across the entire range, clear attention to aesthetic design and user comfort is evident in details such as lumbar support and fully adjustable height and recline settings.

The Ardento Series

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The Ardento office chair series features sleek, minimalist, ergonomic designs in neutral tones which are fully adaptable to any modern office decor scheme. The range is made up of seven high back chair types designed to meet the needs and aesthetic tastes of executives by utilising the finest quality materials and components. The robust structure of the chair provides lumbar support with versions that offer adjustable arm rests as well as full scope of movement with a synchro mechanism facilitating a five angle position or an any angle lock mechanism to support good posture throughout the work day. A choice of finishes are available on many of the chairs such as real or synthetic leather, high quality nylon mesh and all feature contrasting chrome accents plus an aluminium chrome base.

The Alba Series

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The Alba office chair series offers stylish two tone designs with clean lines, vibrant colouring and futuristic embellishments. Made up of eight chair types in total, the range features three high back chairs in two-tone such as beige and black with a supportive head rest, fixed arm rests and an aluminium chrome five prong castered base. User comfort is guaranteed through both a reclining and synchrome mechanism and a high chair back design. The smaller office chairs in the range offer a bright, modern two tone colour palette such as citrus green with the choice of a fixed or five pronged aluminium castered base and featuring a cantilever or synchrome and reclining mechanism.

The Dallas Series

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The Dallas office chair range boasts luxurious, timeless designs and unrivalled comfort that are designed to make an impression. The classic pieces in the series are perfectly suited to the needs of executive offices or providing guests with beautifully designed seating that also reflects an acute attention to their comfort and experience. The high backed executive office chairs feature a synchrome reclining mechanism, a five star aluminium castered base and fixed arm rests while the smaller chair designs offer stylish curved designs and a gas lift adjustable system. Customers can choose from an array of upholstery options including fabric, leather and synthetic leather on all of the office chairs in the range.

The Jordan Series

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The Jordan office chair series focuses on artistic, contemporary designs with bold shapes and colour spectrums. The high backed executive chairs provide head support with options for fixed or adjustable arm rests as well as synchrome, reclining and gas lift mechanisms to choose from. The chairs also have the option for a chrome five prong castered base or a robust nylon castered base to suit any office space and design schemes. Smaller office chairs are also offered in a multitude of fabrics with castered or fixed bases and feature a gas lift system for ease of use when adjusting to the user’s own personal parameters.

The Sienna Series

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The Sienna office chair series is made up of six different chair types with rounded edges, smooth lines and minimal detailing. The three high backed executive chairs are available in leather, synthetic leather and fabric upholstery with armrests, a five star castered base and a reclining mechanism for total user comfort and convenience. The smaller office chair Sienna III G and the fixed base Sienna IV CacR and V chairs feature brightly coloured two tone fabric upholstery with supporting cushioning and stylish chrome accents to combine a refined aesthetic appearance with unparalleled comfort and functionality. 

The Vienza Series

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The Vienza office chair series is characterised by being high backed throughout the range with a curved shape for maximum user support and a bold, rectangular shape. The largest chair in the collection provides adjustable arms rests, an aluminium castered base and a synchrome reclining mechanism with two smaller executive chairs Vienza II G and Vienza II GS echoing the same features with a lower back rest design. The Vienza III G and Vienza IV offer a castered base and fixed base respectively and are available in various fabric options including leather and elegant two tone upholstery with a rich colour palette to choose from.