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Enduro | Office Desking Systems

The Enduro freestanding desk system range encompasses office desks as well as cabinets and other storage elements. A broad variety of desk types have been designed to suit the needs of all business types and office configurations such as executive desks, filing desks, conference tables and modular work desks. The desk product portfolio is comprised of three individual series and design styles namely Plato, Elasto and Slimmo.

The Elasto Range

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The Elasto brand range is characterised by wide open work surfaces and available in five different variations. The executive desk in the collection is designed with low cabinets and available in several colours for real visual impact. The Elasto desking system has been engineered to accommodate clever organisational components such as sliding tables and concealed cables for a clean and uncluttered workspace. The Elasto modular system combines several desks together using Elasto’s specially crafted connectors with a single panel while the Elasto Modular Slimmo Panel is a fusion of both systems to create a futuristic office area that is both highly aesthetic and exceptionally practical. The Elasto meeting table is unique in offering a modular system that forms one large conference table or can be easily disassembled to create numerous single tables such as for training purposes for total flexibility; perfect for facilitating an energetic work environment.

The Plato Range

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The Plato meeting table is a classically designed conference table or desk with the modern twists of the Plato range such as the hidden wiring system. The elegant rectangular design features curved, smooth edges for user comfort and a stylish look. The Plato Range of meeting table products are perfectly complemented by Enduro's comprehensive collection of sleek office chairs offering minimalist modern design combined with the latest in ergonomic principles for maximum comfort. This product's versatility makes it a preferred choice among clients requiring flexibility in using tables for multiple settings such as in conference rooms or general office space.  

The Slimmo Range

The Slimmo desking system offers a unique and quirky look with a variety of high tech details and embellishments. Clients can choose from a wide selection of colour schemes, materials and geometric patterns for the main panels. The director desk in the range has a mobile castered discussion table that easily disconnects from the main body of the desk when required for presentations and breakaway meetings. The Slimmo Glass meeting table serves as an eye-catching centrepiece for any office, meeting or conference room offering a free flow of light for natural illumination as well as fixtures for supporting the installation of privacy panels.

Enduro takes great care in not only the overall design of its pieces but in crafting the details and components that support each one. Every product in the office furniture product portfolio has joints and fixtures that have been designed to specifically match the function, materials and dimensions of the item to ensure that they are built to last.