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The Enduro workstation system has been carefully designed to effectively balance individual privacy with means of collaboration and adaptability with stylish, cutting edge design and practical features. The workstation range is made up of three different brands; namely the Slimmo Series, Visio Series and X-65 each of which have been specifically crafted for maximum flexibility and mobility.

The Slimmo Workstation

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The Slimmo workstation series has been designed for the everyday needs of the dynamic work environment; the modular system accommodates any changes in personnel or function and can be easily reconfigured with minimal effort and exertion. The range is characterised by its modern, high tech design that can be fully customised to reflect corporate style and branding with a choice of materials and colour palettes such as wood workstation tops and transparent panels to conduct a natural flow of light throughout the office space. Purpose designed fittings are used throughout the range with an easy to use capping system that enables panels to be added or exchanged as well as cable ducts to easily accommodate and conceal electrical wiring. The Slimmo workstation series offers limitless possibilities in terms of size and configurations making it fully adaptable to the changing needs and circumstances of any business.

The Visio Workstation

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The Visio workstation series provides 72 degree workstations with a classic look and wood finish. A simple connector system facilitates total flexibility for the spontaneous arrangement and assembly of the workstation while maintaining a stylish and clean cut look. The curved edges provide a comfortable space to work while the transparent dividing screens enable user privacy as well as collaboration when required. Forward thinking features such as storage areas and concealed sets of drawers within the workstation make maximum use of the space available for a well organised and efficient working area.

The X-65 Workstation

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Enduro’s X-65 workstation range has been designed to offer a cubicle configuration providing a more private workplace while still being fully mobile and adaptable to changing every day needs in the work environment. Every element and fixture of the workstation design has been expertly designed for total customisation without compromising on the durability and integrity of the structure. Attention to detail is evident throughout in features such as multi-angle connectors, wiring compartments, adjustable nylon legs, a raceway hinge system and easy to change or add on panel connectors. A host of worktop sizes and surface finishes are available to choose from, including a variety of wood stains and contrasting coloured panels.

The Plato Workstation

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The Plato workstation system has been designed to be completely tailored to customer needs with a wide selection of work surface shapes and sizes to choose from. Every aspect can be adjusted for the comfort and convenience of the user such as the tray placement while the horizontal track provides optimal functionality, storage and organisation. The sleek metal appearance of the main components and brightly coloured accents of the design lends itself well to creating an energetic and productive office space.

As with all of Enduro’s products, customers can count on warranty cover and dedicated after sales coverage for the lifetime of the product. By being designed, engineered and manufactured in house; all orders are delivered quickly and on time while also making spare parts readily available for minimal downtime and swift maintenance.