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Gunung Putri Graha Mas | Mr Wisnu Sanjaya
Mr Wisnu Sanyaja

Our customised products have considerable potential for export, with most of our existing orders in this field coming from the water management and cooling tower industry.

Mr Wisnu Sanjaya, General Manager

Global Business Guide Indonesia’s readers were first introduced to Gunung Putri Graha Mas in 2014 as a leading player in Indonesia’s fibreglass industry. What can you tell us about the developments that have taken place at the company over the last year?

As was the case with many areas of business in Indonesia in 2014, the market for fibreglass products experienced a slowdown last year because of the state of the global economy. Early signs suggest that activity will pick up again in 2015, with more construction projects and developments underway. For Gunung Putri Graha Mas, this is reflected in recent orders for products that serve as the foundation of our portfolio such as fibreglass reinforced plastic tanks and solid surfacing material. We have seen particular interest in our solid surfacing material brand, Bilionite, from the hotel and hospitality industry.

As the recently appointed General Manager of Gunung Putri Graha Mas, what can you tell us about your background as well as your vision for the company going forward?

I studied in the United States at Seattle University before returning to Indonesia in 2006. Drawing upon an international approach to business developed during my time spent abroad, it is my vision for the company to continue to improve, in keeping with our motto ‘Always Better’. This motto encapsulates the company in its entirety, and as such we are committed to differentiating ourselves from competitors at every level, including customer service, production efficiency and manufacturing capabilities. To achieve this goal, our company recently began working with a consultancy firm to assist in implementing programs and procedures that will modernize the way we operate. This process will involve a long-term move towards automization and investment in new machinery to streamline our mass production facilities. 

Success in carrying out initiatives to evolve from our background as a family owned business into a more professional company will facilitate our ability to reach out to export markets, which continues to be an area of focus going forward. Gunung Putri Graha Mas has had numerous long-term relationships with prominent international clients from markets such as the US and Japan, and we intend to build upon this in developing into a leading supplier of fibreglass products on the global stage.

In keeping with your strategy to further Gunung Putri Graha Mas’ international presence, how do you intend to reach out to export markets?

Our strategy when it comes to appealing to overseas customers is to emphasize the quality of our fibreglass products, as this is our number one priority as a company. As testament to this fact, we were the first FRP manufacturer in Indonesia to have obtained ISO certification and we continue to work towards renewing this certification whenever possible. Through guidance provided by the ISO program, we implement training sessions designed to make sure that our human resources maintain the required level of skill and receive updated knowhow on new production processes. In addition to this, we also strive to offer cost competitive prices and seek to ensure that orders are completed on time and in accordance with the customer’s schedule.

Which products do you see the most potential in for customers abroad?

Our customised products have considerable potential for export, with most of our existing orders in this field coming from the water management and cooling tower industry. We have been supplying fibreglass cooling towers to clients based in Japan for the last fifteen years, and demand for this particular customised product is relatively constant.

The scope of opportunities for customised products is very broad; we can manufacture practically anything from FRP at our new factory. In addition to producing cooling towers, we have manufactured automotive parts as well as locomotive parts catering to clients across the world. We would also like to serve more companies in the smelting industry, and have the capability to produce customised stacks and chimneys.

Our prefabricated bathrooms also have potential on the international stage, and we are primarily interested in meeting the needs of regional markets such as Singapore. In the long-term, we see this product having success as far as Europe, given that prefabricated bathrooms allow for a much faster installation process and facilitate greater efficiency during property development projects.  

As a company able to cater to diverse needs for fibreglass products, our key strength in working with international customers is being able to form lasting, close partnerships. Gunung Putri Graha Mas takes pride in its ability to foster long-term ties with its clients and develop a loyal base of repeat customers.

Given Gunung Putri Graha Mas’ focus on meeting new export opportunities, what can you tell us about your company’s previous projects to manufacture customised products for international businesses?

Among our most notable projects is cooperation with Veolia Water Technologies – the world’s largest provider of water services - who we continue to supply water treatment parts for their projects around the world. Other clients include Chinese state owned enterprises as well as GE America and GE India for locomotive parts and mining truck components. For FRP tanks, our company has supplied a host of leading businesses in a variety of industries, such as Vale Inco.

As a final message, what would you like Global Business Guide’s readers to remember about your company?

Gunung Putri Graha Mas’ corporate culture is best characterised by the term ‘friendly professionals’. Partners working with us benefit from our renewed commitment to highly efficient internal operations as well as our close-knit workplace environment that allows for strong relationships amongst employees and with customers. We open our doors to new partners and clients seeking an experienced fibreglass product manufacturer in Indonesia, so that we can grow together.