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Gunung Putri Graha Mas Gunung Putri Graha Mas Gunung Putri Graha Mas Gunung Putri Graha Mas Gunung Putri Graha Mas Gunung Putri Graha Mas Gunung Putri Graha Mas Gunung Putri Graha Mas
Gunung Putri Graha Mas


Gunung Putri Graha Mas

Mr Wisnu Sanjaya presently holds the position of General Manager of Gunung Putri Graha Mas, having first joined the company in 2006. Mr Sanjaya’s expertise in the manufacture of fibreglass reinforced plastic products is complemented by an international approach to business developed over the course of his studies at Seattle University in the United States. Currently focused on carrying out GPGM’s renewed growth strategy, Mr Sanjaya aims to bring about comprehensive internal improvements through an emphasis on efficiency, accountability and quality.

Human Resources

As a labour intensive industry, human resources play a crucial role in fiberglass product manufacturing and the ability to successfully deliver large scale, customised products. Gunung Putri Graha Mas prides itself on its workforce and their capacity to achieve high levels of productivity as well as abide by stringent quality control measures. With nearly three decades of experience in building a highly competitive team, the company has extensive expertise in understanding the cultural nuances of the Indonesian workforce and thus how to effectively build a dynamic corporate culture that harnesses maximal productivity.

Gunung Putri Graha Mas is committed to the continuous improvement of its staff’s skills through training. To keep abreast of the latest processes and technologies, the company’s staff undergo comprehensive training in Japan and the US and are able to expand upon their knowledge of FRP via access to technical support from the American Composite Manufacturers Association (ACMA). In keeping with its goal of guaranteeing the utmost level of professionalism amongst employees, GPGM also encourages the development of soft-skills such as accountability and transparency through carefully-formulated management techniques and processes.

The company’s dedication to developing human resources and strong emphasis on establishing clear channels of communication between management, engineering and production has fostered an intimate, family-like atmosphere. Reciprocated loyalty between company and human resources has ensured both low employee turnover and an on-going accumulation of technical know-how and experience amongst workers, conducive to the production of consistently high quality fibreglass reinforced plastic goods. These attributes provide the foundations for the company’s on-going progress as well as for establishing further partnerships with international fiberglass producers entering the Indonesian market.

Gunung Putri Graha Mas

Innovative Materials

Gunung Putri Graha Mas

Gunung Putri Graha Mas’ long-standing experience in building materials and dedication to research and development is the unifying element across the group’s various brands and product lines as well as the driving force in its innovative approach. This led to the strategic shift towards FRP products as an alternative to metallic and naturally occurring materials.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic offers greater environmental sustainability in terms of the procurement of the materials as well as in the production process. In addition, the material’s longevity and corrosion-resistance mitigates the release of harmful powdery, decomposed plastic which commonly occurs with PVA and PVC plastic products.

Gunung Putri Graha Mas’ forward-thinking approach to business encourages employees to seek out new applications for existing materials, and also sets in motion a continuous company-wide drive to refine the properties of existing applications. GPGM forecasts that FRP will soon be applied on a large scale in Indonesia in the construction of water treatment facilities, sewage systems and product transportation. Such FRP applications are already used in developed markets and will undoubtedly play a central part in the development of Indonesia’s much needed public utilities infrastructure.

With an abundance of experience in manufacturing FRP pipes and tanks for these types of projects abroad, Gunung Putri Graha Mas is primed to offer its cutting-edge fibreglass goods to the domestic market and be part of realising the national goal of environmentally sustainable development.

Awards & Milestones

  • 2015

    Gunung Putri Graha Mas’ Bilionite solid surfacing material receives official recommendation as a ‘Perform Choice’ product from the Indonesian Society of Interior Designers (HDII) during Indobuildtech’s Exhibitor Night 2015.   


    Gunung Putri Graha Mas commences operations at its new 7,000 m2 factory in Bekasi, West Java, marking the latest step taken to improve upon efficiency and streamline the production process.

  • 2013

    In honour of outstanding service and support, Gunung Putri Graha Mas received a VIVERE Group Award Certificate upon the completion of joint projects carried out by the two companies.

  • 2010

    Gunung Putri Graha Mas has been a certified member of the American Composites Manufacturer Association since 2010.

  • 2007

    The company was awarded a plaque in recognition of 10 years of ISO certification.

  • 2006

    Gunung Putri Graha Mas was the subject of Reinforced Plastics Magazine’s 50th Anniversary Issue’s feature story. The company’s two 5000m3 FRP tanks, the largest ever made, were also featured on the cover of the magazine.


    As formal recognition for their achievements in FRP manufacturing, the company received REBI (Indonesian Business Record) certification for successful construction of the world’s largest tank project.


    Gunung Putri Graha currently holds the Indonesian Museum of Records title for world’s largest FRP tank project.

  • 1997

    Gunung Putri Graha Mas was accredited with ISO 9001 Certification from SGS in 1997