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Gunung Putri Graha Mas | Bilionite Solid Surfacing Material

Indonesia’s burgeoning property sector is giving rise to market demand for innovative and aesthetic surfacing materials that complement modern interior design schemes. Drawing on the company’s far reaching experience in creating high performance building materials; Bilionite solid surfacing material offers consumers a new approach that effectively blends personalized style with function.

Gunung Putri Graha Mas’ Bilionite solid surfacing material is highly adaptable being non-porous and with a gel coated surface to prevent water collection and bacteria build up. It offers the added advantage of being easily maintained through light sanding and scouring resulting in sleek countertops and vanities that retain their original lustre.

Bilionite sets itself apart from other solid surfacing materials through mimicking the visual appearance as well as feel of natural stone, wood and other materials while offering excellent resistance to damage, wear and tear. Furthermore, Bilionite is available in over 35 colours and varied patterns, which can be fully customised to a desired hue and opacity. This versatile product can be easily cut and shaped as well as easily fused with other materials to form inlays and edge treatments in limitless combinations for a totally unique look thus illustrating the company’s Make Anything Possible tagline.

Bilionite’s specific properties facilitate easy casting into a variety of forms such as sinks, bathtubs and work tops. This has made it a highly sought after choice for leading interior designers and interior contractors across Indonesia for use in kitchen counters, laboratory countertops, decontamination sinks, airport check-in counters and retail displays. Among Gunung Putri Graha Mas’ most recent projects for this product include working with the Accor Group to supply solid surfacing material for a Novotel Hotel in Tangerang, West Java.

Gunung Putri Graha Mas’ venture into solid surfacing materials is indicative of the company’s enterprising approach to grow their client base and penetrate multiple industries. Bilionite also stands as a further example of the company’s skills in branding and understanding of the importance of the consumer retail experience for launching new products in the future.

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