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Sriboga Raturaya


Mr Alwin Arifin studied at Pepperdine University, USA prior to becoming the President Director of PT Dani Prisma Mitra from 1987 to 2000. Mr Arifin has served as President Director of Sriboga Raturaya since its establishment and as the President Commissioner of PT Sarimelati Kencana, operator of the Pizza Hut franchise in Indonesia, since 2004.

Mr Arifin has also held the position of Vice Chairman of the Indonesia Wheat Flour Producers Association (APTINDO) since 2012. In 2013 and 2014, he participated in Harvard Business School’s renowned Owner/President Management (OPM) program and received a certificate of completion in 2015.

CSR Initiatives

Sriboga Raturaya undertakes its CSR activities at a group level with the vision of contributing to Indonesia’s future through sustainable development from a bottom up as well as top down approach. Education and creating the next generation of responsible leaders for business and service to the community is a central pillar of this long-term payback cycle philosophy.

In 1984 Sriboga Raturaya’s main shareholders founded IPMI Business School, a leading business school in Indonesia and pioneer in providing the MBA program with instruction in English. The group continues to patronise the school as a leading financer to provide opportunities to Indonesia’s most promising students through scholarships and thus makes a contribution to creating a pool of well-equipped Indonesian managers and entrepreneurs. IPMI has produced some 2,300 alumni who have gone on to obtain senior positions at major multinationals as well as becoming some of Indonesia’s most recognised business personalities.

In addition, Sriboga Flour Mill also provides scholarship opportunities to the offspring of its partner SMEs to study at IKOPIN (Jatinangor, West Java), which specialises in SMEs and cooperative economics. This program which has been in place since 2009 is designed to contribute to the further development of SMEs by supporting the development of the next generation of qualified professionals. As of 2013, the scheme had provided 35 scholarships and had produced 10 qualified graduates.

The group also makes a ‘Bakepreneurship’ program available to students looking to enter Indonesia’s bakery industry, and to date has already visited vocational schools and hospitality-focused colleges across Indonesia to offer seminars, guest lectures and technical training related to the production of baked goods and patisseries.

Sriboga Raturaya

Working with SMEs

Sriboga Raturaya

Part of Sriboga Raturaya’s vision as a group is to work together with Indonesia’s SMEs and cooperatives engaged in wheat flour related industries, which account for 40% of Sriboga Flour Mill’s customer base. From 2004, Sriboga began actively engaging with SMEs and cooperatives across the archipelago and today counts 4,674 SMEs in 175 communities and cooperatives within the scheme.

Through such partnerships, Sriboga Raturaya provides education and support related to production techniques, marketing and financial management to encourage best business practices in the wheat flour industry throughout Indonesia. SMEs are provided with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively grow their business and move up the value chain while adhering to industry standards in hygiene and food quality.

While being part of Sriboga Raturaya’s CSR commitments, the group takes a strategic approach in its activities by participating in the building of a sustainable and all inclusive local wheat flour industry. This unique approach has enabled Sriboga Flour Mill to progress quickly to become a leading wheat flour producer in Indonesia by maintaining close contact with wheat flour product industries to be able to respond swiftly to shifting market trends. The group also cultivates long-term relationships with budding SMEs and supports the growth of new local businesses and brands.

Awards & Milestones

  • 2015

    In 2015, Sari Melati Kencana was recognized by Yum! Asia in the categories of Asia Franchise Powerhouse Development Award and the Asia Franchise Win on Value Award.

  • 2014

    Sari Melati Kencana received numerous accolades from Yum! Asia including Asia Franchise Franchisee of the Year and Asia Franchisee Restaurant Excellence among others.

  • 2011

    Sari Melati Kencana once again named World Class Operation by Yum! Brands, in keeping with its numerous distinctions for excellence in marketing, supply logistics and product development.

  • 2008

    Sriboga becomes ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management Systems.


    Sriboga becomes ISO 22000:2005 certified for Food Safety Management.

  • 2005

    Sari Melati Kencana recognised as a World Class Operation by Pizza Hut Franchisor Yum! Brands.

  • 2003

    Sriboga receives the Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Business Practice from FIBP.

  • 2000

    Sriboga Flour Mill is recognised as the cleanest flour mill in Southeast Asia.

  • 1999

    Sriboga Flour Mill is recognised by UNICEF as the pioneer in fortified flour.