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Introduced in 2011, ENVIPLAST® is a pioneer of unique bio-based polymer compounds that was created by Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia, an experienced producer of masterbatch and polymer compounds. The group’s in-house team of scientists created the eco-friendly ENVIPLAST® range of products in direct response to growing environmental concerns regarding the use of conventional plastic bags and film, and in anticipation of heightened demand for alternatives to fossil fuel-based products.

ENVIPLAST®’s bio-based polymer compound is derived from raw materials such as cassava, corn, and other industrial natural starches not allocated for use in the food supply chain, as well as vegetable oil derivatives. As such, the company taps into the abundance of sustainable natural resources available in Indonesia and is readily positioned to offer ENVIPLAST® as the ideal alternative to a wide range of applications for plastic.

ENVIPLAST® continues to carry out extensive research and development to provide novel innovations and offer new products that meet the evolving needs of its global customers. Responding to rapid growth in Indonesia’s consumer goods industry, the company recently introduced wrapping film that has potential as packaging for electronic goods and groceries due to its distinctive protective properties. ENVIPLAST® currently seeks to collaborate with local and international businesses to discover further lucrative applications for their bio-based polymer compound product.

Having already extensively introduced its products in Indonesia, the company now plans to actively pursue export opportunities in developed markets that are increasingly driven by environmentally conscious consumers as well as stricter regulations from their governments. ENVIPLAST® is targeting markets in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia as well as parts of Africa and South America to expand their network of distributors and clients around the world.


Key Information - PT Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia

Year of Establishment: 1985

Type: Private

Number of Employees: > 550

Facilities: 100,000 m2 factory in Tangerang and Balaraja, Banten

Capacity: 50,000 MT per annum

Certifications: ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001

Products: Building Chemical Products, Masterbatch & Polymer Compounds, Bio-based Polymer Compound Pellets &

Global Plastic Bag Laws

International Reach

Through its team’s background in working with foreign partners as part of Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia, ENVIPLAST® is poised to enter a host of international markets. The company is focused on entering regions where consumers have demonstrated a proclivity for eco-friendly products and are thus targeting cooperation with clients and distributors in developed markets. With new regulations soon to curb the use of plastic bags abroad, foreign companies have reciprocated this interest and ENVIPLAST® will soon begin exports into a number of key markets around the world; indicative of the global nature of this movement towards green lifestyles.

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International Reach

Global Plastic Bag Laws

ENVIPLAST®’s emergence as a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly alternatives to plastic coincides with rising global awareness on the need to limit the use of conventional plastic products. To address concerns related to the negative environmental impact of plastic waste, several countries around the world have already taken steps to implement legislation designed to curb the utilisation of single-use plastic bags. Per a report from the Earth Policy Institute, multiple markets – both those that are developed and those that are developing – currently have in place regulations to either ban or discourage the use of conventional single-use plastic bags. This brings about new opportunities for companies such as ENVIPLAST® to introduce eco-friendly solutions to an international customer base.

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