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PT Pura Mayungan


PT Pura Mayungan

Mr Ferri Limputra received his education in both Indonesia and Australia. He gained his undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer System Engineering from Monash University, Australia and subsequently his MBA from IPMI Business School, Indonesia and Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Vision & Values

Pura Mayungan strives to play an integral role in the construction of Indonesia’s electrical infrastructure by always providing clients with the best possible value and expert solutions. Through continuously improving its internal organisation, product range and the knowledge of its human resources; Pura Mayungan is able to offer the best in customer service which has fostered long term relationships with contractors, distributors and utility providers across Indonesia.

The core values of the company are summed up in the acronym ‘FLASH’. This stands for Focus on Customers; recognition of long term relationships as key to business sustainability and therefore requiring unwavering focus on the needs and requirements of customers. Learning; qualified and passionate human resources who continuously update their skills and knowledge are crucial to continuously evolve, improve and provide added value to customers and shareholders. Attitude; being trustworthy and always taking a fair approach with a caring attitude has been key to building relationships with customers, suppliers and distributors. Solution orientated; taking a value added approach and bringing innovative solutions for the best possible results. Harmony; Pura Mayungan’s corporate culture is built around harmony within the employees of the company and with customers in addition to the external environment through striving for excellence in energy efficiency and sustainability.

PT Pura Mayungan

Trusted Partner

PT Pura Mayungan

Indonesia’s electricity and electrical component sector offers far reaching opportunities as the country’s economic growth spurs the further development of electrical infrastructure. Government policies bode well for Indonesia’s electricity sector in line with the vision of achieving an electrification rate of 90% by 2020 and of becoming a low carbon economy through reducing greenhouse gas emissions and greater energy efficiency. The maturation of the market is also presenting opportunities in the private sector with significant investments being made to adhere to international standards and the resulting demand for innovative technology as well as high quality, durable products. These exciting opportunities are not without challenges given the cultural intricacies of the market coupled with the geographical hurdles for distribution.

Pura Mayungan has unrivalled experience in Indonesia’s electricity sector and far reaching knowledge supplemented by market reach through its long standing and trusted relationships with its distributors, contractors and principals. Over nearly four decades, Pura Mayungan has built its nationwide reputation on its core company values and focus on customer satisfaction. This has made the company a trusted partner of choice for leading companies in the Indonesian market having been appointed as a sole distributor by various multinationals. Pura Mayungan carefully selects partners that it works with based on the quality of their products as well as their long term vision for the market for ongoing collaboration and mutual benefit given Indonesia’s future potential. It is based on this criteria that Pura Mayungan selects the partners that it works with, made up of market leaders including Circutor, Telergon, Pronutec and Oriental Copper Co. Ltd. For future business partnerships, the company is keen to work with further multinational companies engaged in the electrical equipment sector who share in this long term vision for a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship which draws on the strengths of both parties.

Awards & Certifications

  • 2013

    ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System

    PT Pura Mayungan
  • OHSAS 18001:2008 Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series

    PT Pura Mayungan
  • 2008

    ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

    PT Pura Mayungan