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PT Pura Mayungan | Pura Mayungan Sponsors HAEI Seminar on IEC 61439 Compliant Bus Duct Solutions

On 27th March 2014, Pura Mayungan in collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Electrical Experts (HAEI) hosted a seminar on efficient bus duct solutions that comply with the new standard governing the production of low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies: IEC 61439. Mandated by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), a global organisation responsible for the publication of standards relating to electro-technologies, IEC 61439 replaces IEC 60439 and puts in place a more detailed list of verification processes for low-voltage electrical assemblies as well as introduces stricter requirements needed to receive clearance for use. Through events such as this seminar, which was held at the Binakarna Assembly Hall in Jakarta and attended by scores of engineers from among Indonesia’s leading electrical component manufacturers, Pura Mayungan seeks to ensure that the local industry is well prepared to adapt to the new standard.

During his keynote speech, Mr Ferri Limputra touched upon the value of providing the electrical component manufacturing community in Indonesia with a forum to carry out technical discussions and knowledge sharing so as to encourage the development of a local industry capable of meeting the latest in international demand. Better understanding new standards such as IEC 61439 stands to become even more important given the impending introduction of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015; a sentiment furthered by HAEI Chairman, Ir. Mas’ud Dohim MM, who explained that it is necessary for Indonesian companies to actively ensure that their products meet specifications detailed in IEC 61439, or else run the risk of losing out to engineers from other countries within the ASEAN following increased economic integration.

More specifically, seminar attendees were encouraged to take note of the implications of IEC 61439 as it pertains to manufacturing bus ducts and busbars for green buildings; an opportunity that has grown in size and scope with the increasing popularity of eco-friendly high rise buildings both in Indonesia and abroad. By increasing requirements for insulating materials and strength of parts, IEC 61439 necessitates the production of more energy efficient and durable switchgear and controlgear assemblies – two product features that if mastered by Indonesian electrical component manufacturers should build towards greater success in attracting companies constructing green property developments.  

In addition to Mr Limputra’s brief profile of Pura Mayungan and the presentation on IEC 61439 as it relates to energy efficient electricity distribution, the seminar featured talks on topics that ranged from specific low voltage switchgear assemblies proven to have complied with IEC 61439 to eco-friendly busbar installation. As a leader in Indonesia’s electrical component manufacturing industry, Pura Mayungan will continue its support of initiatives that drive the industry forward and plans to engage in further collaboration with HAEI in the near future.

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