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PT Pura Mayungan | Pura Mayungan Hosts Technical Seminar

Pura Mayungan between the 20th and 23rd of January 2015 hosted its latest Technical Seminar in collaboration with Puma Elektrik Niaga at the Harris Hotel in Sentul, West Java. Split into two sessions for consultants and contractors (20th-21st) and overseas principals and local distributors (22nd-23rd), this event served as an informal gathering of industry experts to discuss the latest innovations in electrical components and kick-start another year of successful collaboration between Pura Mayungan and its partners. As elaborated upon by Pura Mayungan’s President Director Mr Ferri Limputra during his opening remarks, the Technical Seminar also provided the company with a platform to showcase its premium products in the lead-up to its 40th anniversary on 14th February.

Among the Technical Seminar’s first presentations was an overview of Pura Mayungan’s detuned reactor and current transformer, led by Mr Djury Santosa as the company’s Logistics, Production & Technical Director. In this product presentation, Mr Santosa touched upon the capabilities of Pura Mayungan’s detuned reactor in addressing the challenge of harmonics to protect and ensure the long-term reliability of installed capacitors. Event attendees were also provided with insights into the array of different reactor models that can be applied to capacitor types ranging from 460V-33 kVAR to 525V-103 kVAR.

Also presenting at the Technical Seminar were Pura Mayungan’s international principals, who took the opportunity to discuss their most recent innovations in electrical components to an audience of local distributors. South African manufacturer Effibar, represented by Mr Rajesh as Director of International Business Operations, showcased its latest busbar systems featuring the use of two-piece models as opposed to the traditional four-piece. Other product overviews were led by Mr Michael John Gough on behalf of Broyce Control to discuss the British firm’s new range of relays; Mr Francisco Carretero and Mr Peter Ho on behalf of Circutor to introduce its newest power meter, PFC and regulator; Mr James Hor to elaborate upon MetTube International’s most recent copper busbar products; and Mr Riris Hutagalung to present Telergon’s load break switches and changeover switches.

Encouraged by the success of this Technical Seminar, Pura Mayungan intends for the event to become an annual program to further strengthen its ties to both international and local partners.

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