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PT Trisakti Mekar Mandiri (TMM) | Mr Andre Sudharyanto
Mr Andre Sudharyanto

In the short-term, our outlook is shaped by the actions of the new government and we hope that general contractors will benefit from the country’s plan to carry out many new construction projects

Mr Andre Sudharyanto, President Director

PT Trisakti Mekar Mandiri (TMM) has a long history in Indonesia as a leading general contractor and mechanical and electrical specialist. What more can you tell us about your company’s background and its main strategies going forward?

Our company was established in 1988 under the name PT Trisakti Arta Mekar before being renamed in 1992. Prior to founding this company I worked for another general contractor company and served as a project manager for the construction of one of Indonesia’s most iconic buildings, the Intiland Tower Jakarta. It was after completing this project that I decided to start my own company, which at first was comprised of a small team of between 10-20 people. We have since enjoyed considerable growth, having undertaken more than 100 projects over the years, and currently have more than 100 employees. Today, we typically have about 13 ongoing projects on an annual basis.

We are primarily focused on providing our services as a mechanical and electrical specialist to property developers constructing office buildings, hospitals, hotels and apartments. We are also well-versed in the construction of factories and have in the past worked with clients in the oil and gas industry, as well as the tile manufacturing industry. Our portfolio also includes the development of infrastructure in Kota Baru Parahyangan and Pantai Indah Kapuk for Lyman Group.

Among our most recent projects is the construction of 13 TBC [tuberculosis] laboratoriums across the country including locations such as Papua, Samarinda, Makassar, Medan and Jakarta. Indonesia ranks third in the world for TBC prevalence, and as such USAID has been committed to building clinics to provide treatment.

How does PT Trisakti Mekar Mandiri differentiate itself from its competitors in Indonesia?

As a company, we prioritise quality and the use of good materials to ensure client satisfaction. We also take pride in our ability to meet strict deadlines and work in accordance with tight schedules. As testament to our superior level of service, the vast majority of our projects come about as a result of a positive reference from previous clients.

What is your outlook for the development of your industry over the short and long-term?

In the short-term, our outlook is shaped by the actions of the new government and we hope that general contractors will benefit from the country’s plan to carry out many new construction projects. Over the long-term, I am optimistic that Indonesia will prosper following on from the development of better facilities and infrastructure such as transportation systems. In keeping with the expectation that the country will continue to enjoy strong economic growth going forward, I believe that there will always be projects available to general contractors in Indonesia.

With that said, businesses in Indonesia still need to contend with challenges in the form of political uncertainty as well as a lack of skilled human resources caused by an education system that needs improving.

Do you see any opportunities for TMM on the regional level given the implementation of the ASEAN One Market?

We are already working with a Singapore-based consultant, to whom we supply designs used in the construction of laboratories in Singapore. We were also asked to contribute to a project in Bhutan, but at that time felt that we were not yet ready to carry out this kind of initiative. Our challenge at the moment is making sure that our human resources have the skills, know-how and tools to contribute to projects on the international stage. We have thus made it a priority to provide our employees with the latest equipment and training so as to raise productivity. Our company has also sought to strengthen its administrative operations to ensure that we are prepared to work with international clients as well as large Indonesian firms.

How is PT Trisakti Mekar Mandiri positioned towards working with international investors and foreign companies looking for an experienced local partner in Indonesia?

Our company has previous experience in working with a foreign partner, having teamed up with a Singaporean company that provides us with support during laboratory construction projects. Indonesia has considerable potential when it comes to the development of new healthcare facilities, particularly in remote areas. Given this scope for growth, we are open to working with international entities that can help us make the most of opportunities to construct laboratories, medical research facilities and clinics. In line with our plans to develop our human resources, we would benefit the most from cooperating with a foreign company able to provide the latest technology and know-how.

What can you tell us about your dream and vision for TMM?

It is my goal for this company to continue to grow and strengthen its standing as a trusted general contractor well-known for its reliable services and the use of high quality materials. We hope to position ourselves as an industry pioneer by always adapting to the latest technology and providing our employees with the opportunity to learn new skills through a comprehensive training programme.

As a final question, what would you like Global Business Guide’s readers to remember about Indonesia?

I would like Global Business Guide’s readers to know that Indonesia has an abundance of local companies that can be trusted and have the capability to grow. Contrary to the misperception that Indonesian products and services are not of the highest quality, many businesses here have huge potential to develop into key global players, especially if they are provided with financial support, technology and know-how.

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